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  1. FDA-TRACK: Agency-wide Program Performance

FDA-TRACK Newsletter - September 23, 2021

FDA-TRACK Newsletter - September 23, 2021

FDA-TRACK Releases New Data for Animal Food and Drugs, Field Activities, & Human Drugs

Ever wonder what progress FDA is making in various agency activities and programs that contribute to public health? Than look no further! Check out the FDA-TRACK: What's New Page to get the latest information and to stay in the know.

  • FY 2021 Quarter 3 dat is available on the FDA-TRACK website. Check out new data for animal food and drugs, field activities, human drugs, and much more!
  • Preliminary FY 2020 performance goal data is available for the FDA User Fee Programs. Review the User Fee Data Dashboards for PDUFA, BsUFA, ADUFA, and AGDUFA to see what progress FDA is making towards its performance goals and commitments.
  • FY 2020 drug shortages data is now available. See the CDER Drug shortages Dashboard for the latest information.

For more information about FDA-TRACK and what other Centers across FDA are tracking, please visit our FDA Track Home Page and our What's New Page.




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