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FDA-TRACK CTP Newsletter - May 2021

FDA-TRACK Newsletter May 2021

FDA-TRACK Releases Redesigned CTP Performance Dashboards


FDA-TRACK launched a newly redesigned Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) FDA-TRACK webpage. The new webpage utilizes a business intelligence and analytics platform that will allow external stakeholders to easily access, navigate, analyze, and download key pieces of CTP’s performance data in an entirely new way. The new technology offers interactive dashboards with informative descriptions that should provide stakeholders with more information in a single location than ever before. The webpage is organized by CTP’s key strategic priorities: 

  • Public Education:
    • The Public Education webpage highlights regulatory communications and public education campaigns.
  • Compliance and Enforcement:
    • The Compliance and Enforcement webpage features tobacco retailer compliance check inspections, regulatory and enforcement actions, and compliance training for industry.
  • Science and Research:
    • The Science and Research webpage highlights product applications and research products.
  • Core Operations:
    • The Core Operations webpage features user fee collections.


Explore the progress CTP is making towards these key strategic priorities on the newly redesigned CTP FDA-TRACK webpage.



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