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Requesting a Co-sponsorship with CDER

CDER is often asked to engage in co-sponsorships (such as conferences, meetings, symposia, webinars, and workshops) with non-federal organizations who have a shared mutual interest and can provide relevant expertise, benefitting both CDER and the outside organization.   

Requirements for CDER co-sponsorships are as follows:

  • CDER must be listed in the title of the event.
  • The affected Office Director accepts or declines each co-sponsorship proposal, using specific criteria.
  • If accepted, each draft co-sponsorship agreement must be cleared by FDA Office of Chief Counsel, the Center Director, or designee, and the Director of the outside organization.

Why might a co-sponsorship request be denied?

  • If the organization requesting the co-sponsorship agreement is a prohibited source.
  • If there is a potential conflict of interest.
  • If the requesting organization does not have substantive expertise in the subject matter.
  • If CDER and the requesting organization do not have a mutual interest and benefit in the proposed co-sponsored event.
  • If the proposed co-sponsorship agreement will not advance CDER’s mission and priorities.
  • If the proposed event will not allow CDER an opportunity to deliver a message to an appropriate audience.
  • If CDER does not have the necessary resources or staff available.
  • If there is not enough time to professionally complete this co-sponsorship request. A minimum of nine months is preferred to plan a co-sponsored event, to allow adequate time to develop the co-sponsorship agreement; ensure adequate planning, speaker selection, and appropriate publicity for the event.
    • If there is not enough time or resources to engage in a co-sponsorship, consider submitting a CDER Speaker Request for a CDER staff member to speak, or participate in a panel discussion.
    • CDER Speaker Requests require prior clearance and are tracked.

Logistics and marketing requirements:

  • CDER has input and review in the event planning, agenda, and speaker selection.
  • Use of the FDA or CDER logo by any organization(s) is not permitted unless specifically mentioned within the terms of the co-sponsored agreement.
  • CDER reviews and clears all publicity materials, including photos and quotes.
  • Co-sponsored events may not generate monetary profit for any of the organizations involved. Any fees charged to attendees of the co-sponsored event should be designed to contribute towards event-related expenses.
    • Transcripts and educational materials may be sold, at cost, to event participants.

Withdrawal criteria:

  • If CDER’s requirements are not met by the organization, the co-sponsorship agreement will be terminated.


Contact CDERCosponsorships@fda.hhs.gov.

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