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When and How to Contact the CDER Ombuds

Before you contact the Ombuds about a problem or dispute, please review the Dispute Resolution section of this website. If you are experiencing problems with a matter involving one of our Divisions or Offices, please first discuss it with your point of contact (usually the project manager) and/or the director of that Division/Office. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of that discussion, you may take the matter to the CDER Ombuds or pursue an alternative pathway as described in the Dispute Resolution section. The Ombuds is responsible for investigating your complaint and facilitating a timely and equitable resolution.

You may want to provide feedback to the Center about the effectiveness of its programs or offer suggestions on how to improve our operations. We welcome such input, and by putting your thoughts in writing or by discussing them with the Ombuds, you can contribute to improving the public health and to streamlining government.

Submit Complaints, Disputes, and Feedback


Virginia Behr, CDER Ombuds and Melissa Sage, Assistant CDER Ombuds
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
White Oak Building 51, Room 6158
Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002





The use of profanity (swear words) when communicating with the Ombuds will not be tolerated. The Ombuds office will terminate any phone conversation if profanity is used and will not respond to any written correspondence that contains profanity.

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