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Enforcement Report for June 20, 2012


For subscribers to our Enforcement Report RSS feed or e-mail alerts, FDA is pleased to present a new format for its weekly Enforcement Report. When you select the link below for this week’s report, you will hopefully find a simpler, clearer report that offers downloadable data for analyses while also providing savings and encouraging future innovation for Government. This data-driven report provides FDA a baseline as it moves forward in its efforts to integrate the Agency’s compliance and enforcement data. 


This format will not be the first and only iteration of the report.  We want your feedback - the good, the bad, and the ugly.  So please review our new report and e-mail us at webmail@oc.fda.gov with your comments.  For information about how to navigate the report and for definitions of the report labels, please visit our Enforcement Report Navigation and Definitions page. 

IMPORTANT:  At some point over the next couple of weeks, subscribers will automatically be directed to the report.  Should you need to find our e-mail address or our definitions page in the future, please remember to navigate to the home page for all of our Enforcement Reports.



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