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In this section of MQSA Insights, we present the most commonly requested national statistics regarding the MQSA program. These statistics are updated on the first of each month.

Certified facilities, as of October 1, 2020 8,673
Certification statistics, as of November 1, 2020  
  Total certified facilities / Total accredited units 8,670 / 22,253
  Certified facilities with 2D digital units2 / Accredited 2D digital units 8,653 / 12,924
  Certified facilities with DBT3,4 units / Accredited DBT units 6,353 / 9,318
FY 2020 inspection statistics, as of November 1, 2020  
  Facilities inspected 684
  Total units at inspected facilities 1,694
  Percent of inspections where the highest noncompliance was a:  
    Level 1 violation 1%
    Level 2 violation 11.3%
  Percent of inspections with no violation 87.7%
Total annual mammography procedures reported, as of November 1, 20201 39,178,814


1 This number is an aggregate of the total number of procedures performed annually as reported by facilities to their accreditation bodies at the time of their re-accreditation, which takes place once every three years. We have aggregated only the numbers reported by MQSA-certified, non-Veterans Hospital Administration facilities. The aggregate number may not reflect the current number of procedures performed at these facilities.

2Includes Full Field Digital Mammography and Computed Radiography Units.

3DBT - Digital Breast Tomosynthesis.

4Facilities with DBT also have FFDM so the DBT facilities count is included within the digital facilities count.

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