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Field Management Directives


All Current Field Management Directives

13 International Travel Operations Management 03/16/09   Revised
13 Att. A Memo - Justification for Late Submission of International Travel Operations Management 11/01/02   Revised
13 Att. B Memo - Justification for Two or More Travelers Operations Management 11/01/02   Revised
13 Att. C Model Letter of Invitation Operations Management 11/01/02   Revised
13 Att. D Model Letter of Acceptance Operations Management 11/01/02   Revised
13 Att. E General Information about FDA Employee Who Attend, Participate in or Speak at Non-Federal Meetings, Conferences, and Symposiums Operations Management 11/01/02   Revised
13 Att. F Sponsor Certification Operations Management 11/01/02   Revised
13A Foreign Inspection Program Operations Management 10/05/10   Revised
13A Att. A Request for Nomination to the FDA International Inspection Cadre Operations Management 03/16/09   Revised
13A Att. B Criteria Required for Nomination to the FDA International Inspection Cadre Operations Management 03/16/09   Revised
15 Product Shortage Communication Operations Management 07/31/12 09/24/12 New
17 Field Assignment Issuances Guidelines for Headquarters Offices Program Management 01/04/13   Revised
29 Implementing the FDA/National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) MOU - FMD#-029 DACRA 10/31/11   New
30 ORA Program Committee Operations Management 01/05/10   Revised
37 ORA Procedures for Responding to Foreign Visitor or Information Requests Operations Management 03/25/10   Revised
50 State Correspondence State Program Management 05/02/11   Revised
56 ORA Weekly Management Review Operations Management 04/05/10   Revised
76 State Contracts-Evaluation of Inspectional Performance State Program Management 06/19/2020   Revised
86 Establishment Inspection Report Conclusions and Decisions Operations Management 01/28/14 03/19/14 Revised
112A Prior Notification to FDA Regulated Industries of Impending Inspections Operations Management -   Under Review
121 Interdistrict Assignments Operations Management 04/12/85   Revised
127 Employee Requested Transfers Operations Management 01/04/13   Revised
134 Pesticide Coordination Teams Operations Management 06/30/94   Revised
135 Pre-operational Reviews of Manufacturing Facilities Operations Management 11/13/09   Revised
137 Badge Retirement Policy Operations Management 04/01/17 03/28/17 Revised
141 Infant and Toddlers Products Operations Management 05/16/95   Revised
142 Technical Assistance Operations Management 09/01/95  09/19/14 Revised
145 Procedure for Release of Establishment Inspection Report to the Inspected Establishment Operations Management 07/31/19 08/26/19 Revised
147 Communicating Laboratory Analytical Findings for Food Products and Environmental Samples Directive Human and Animal Food Operations and Office of Regulatory Sciences 05/04/2020 05/11/2020 Revised
149 Procedures for Requesting ORA International Technical Assistance or Site Visits Operations Management 03/25/10   Original
152 Produce Safety Dispute Mitigation and Resolution Procedures Operations Management 01/31/19 02/04/19 Original






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