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ESG NextGen Roadmap

ESG Next Gen Roadmap from FY23 to FY26: FY23 | Concept, Outreach, Planning | Proof of concept development: 1. Develop and socialize ESG NextGen vision and approach; 2. Communicate high level features and technical design; 3. Plan implementation and testing strategies. FY24 | Release 1 Target (R1: Training and user guide feedback; test scenarios): 1. Unified submission portal; 2. Identity/account management; 3. User interface and API submissions. FY25 | Release 2 Target (R2: Training and user guide updates; test scenarios; Incorporate R1 lessons learned): 1. Large file size submission (terabytes); 2. System and usability improvements. FY26 | Release 3 Target (R3): 1. Additional enhancements. Notes: Throughout the project FDA plans on-going updates and communications to industry via quarterly sessions, publications, joint planning and testing activities.
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