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  1. Seafood Guidance Documents & Regulatory Information

FDA Seafood List Updates for 2022

The following additions and changes to The Seafood List have been made in 2022.

  • Type: V=vertebrate; I=Invertebrate; I(C)=Invertebrate (Crustacean) 
  • An asterisk (*) next to the Acceptable FDA Market Name in the Seafood List indicates that a specific regulation applies to that species. A listed regulation number refers to the applicable section of the Regulation cited.
  • A dagger (†) next to the Scientific Common Name in the Seafood List identifies the names that are prohibited by a law. The specific law is noted to provide additional information.
  • Consult The Seafood List Guidance for additional information.
2022 Seafood List Additions and Changes: January - June
Type Additions/ Changes to The Seafood List Acceptable Market Name(s) Regulation or Law Common Name Scientific Name
V New Species Tilefish   Tilefish Branchiostegus spp.
V New Species Tilefish   Horsehead Tilefish Branchiostegus japonicus 
V New Species Conger Eel   Whitespotted Conger Conger myriaster
I New Species Clam, Propeller   Northern Propellerclam Cyrtodaria siliqua
V Scientific Name Change Microstomus bathybius Sole or Flounder   Deepsea Sole Embassichthys bathybius
I New Species Razor Clam   Sword Razor Clam Ensis arcuatus
V New Species Grouper   Longtooth Grouper Epinephelus bruneus
I(C) New Species Northern Nylon Shrimp   Shrimp Heterocarpus vicarius
V New Species Flounder   Flathead Flounder Hippoglossoides dubius
V Scientific Name Change Pleuronichthys guttulatus Turbot   Diamond Turbot Hypsopsetta guttulata
V New Species Searobin   Long-finned Gurnard Lepidotrigla argus
V Scientific Name Change Chaenobryttus gulosus Sunfish   Warmouth Lepomis gulosus
V New Species Snapper   Guinean Snapper Lutjanus agennes
V Scientific Name Change Plagiogenion rubiginosum Common name change Bonnetmouth Bonnetmouth   Rubyfish Plagiogeneion rubiginosum
V Scientific Name Change Pleuronectes platessus Plaice or Flounder   European Plaice Pleuronectes platessa
I(C) Scientific Name Change Jasus verreauxi Common Name Change Eastern Spiny Lobster Lobster, Rock   Green Rock Lobster Sagmariasus verreauxi
I New Species Surf Clam   Sakhalin Surf Clam Spisula sachalinensis
I New Species Squid   Sparkling Enope Squid Watasenia scintillans
V Scientific Name Change Zebrasoma veliferum Tang   Sailfin Tang Zebrasoma velifer
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