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  1. Seafood Guidance Documents & Regulatory Information

FDA Seafood List Updates for 2019

The following additions and changes to The Seafood List have been made in 2019.

  • Type: V=vertebrate; I=Invertebrate; I(C)=Invertebrate (Crustacean) 
  • An asterisk (*) next to the Acceptable FDA Market Name in the Seafood List indicates that a specific regulation applies to that species. A listed regulation number refers to the applicable section of the Regulation cited.
  • A dagger (†) next to the Scientific Common Name in the Seafood List identifies the names that are prohibited by a law. The specific law is noted to provide additional information.
  • Consult The Seafood List Guidance for additional information.
2019 Seafood List Additions and Changes: July — December
Type Additions and Changes to the Seafood List Acceptable Market
or Law
Common Name Scientific Name
I New species Oyster     Crassostrea skiamea
I New Species Crocodile     Crocodylus spp.
V New Species Stingray   Southern Stingray Hypanus americanus
I(C) Spelling Changed Swimming crab     Monomia haanii
I(C) New species Swimming crab     Portunus segnis
V New Species Spanish Mackerel   Atlantic Sierra Scomberomorus brasiliensis
V New Species Croaker   Argentine Croaker Umbrina canosai