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European Union (EU) Bulk Gelatin and Collagen Products Shipper's List

Fourth Quarter Submission:

As of July 1, 2018, the establishments have been inspected by the United States and have been found in compliance with the U.S. standards and the additional EU requirements as laid down in Annex V of the agreements between the European Community and the United States Government on sanitary measures to protect public and animal health in respect of trade in live animals and animal products.

Approval Nº Establishment
(name and address)
City Region
Activities Remarks
3013904 Alyeska Seafoods, Inc.
551 W. Broadway
Un Alaska AK PP fish Collagen
10874603768 Interhealth Fort Smith
1302 Jackson Street
Fort Smith AR PP Collagen
3010235361 Supreme Formulations San Nutrition
2400 Sturgis Rd
Oxnard CA PPB-Bovine Collagen
15994544158 Biocell Technology LLC.
2931 E.La Jolla Street
Anaheim CA PP Collagen
15994544158 GMP Laboratories of America, INC.
2931 E.La Jolla Street
Anaheim CA PP Collagen
2010616 Access Business Group LLC
5600 Beach Blvd
Buena Park CA PP Collagen
3008951367 NeoCell
17500 Gillette Ave
Irvine CA PP Gelatin
3009735318 Vital Nutrients
45 Kenneth Dooley Drive
Middletown CT PP Gelatin
3004383660 Prostar Inc.
7 Corporater Ave
Farmington CT PP Gelatin
3010750043 Reserve Life Nutrition
2255 Glades Rd
Boca Raton FL PPB-Bovine Gelatin
1920862 Gelita USA, Inc-Sioux City
2445 Port Neal Industrial Rd.
Sergeant Bluff IA PP Gelatin
3002190779 PB Leiner USA
7001 North Brady St.
Davenport IA PP Gelatin
1921742 Rousselot Inc.
2350 Kerper Boulevard
Dubuque IA PP Gelatin
1410636 Vyse Gelatin Co.
5010 N. Rose St
Schiller Park IL PP Gelatin
3001800784 Great Lakes Gelatin Co.,
253 Commerce Dr.
Grayslake IL PP Gelatin
3006521286 Kalle USA, Inc.
5750 B Centerpoint Court
Gurnea IL PP Collagen
1419670 Gelita USA INC.
10 Wentworth Ave
Calumet City IL PP Gelatin
3009429694 Rousselot Peabody, Inc.
227 Washington Street
Peabody MA PP Gelatin
3006484224 Delta Protein International Inc.
200 Itta Bena Rd
Sunflower MS PP Gelatin
3011200835 Certified Nutraceuticals  Henningsen Foods Inc.
402 North 3rd St.
Norfolk NE PP Collagen
2227556 Nitta Casings, Inc.
141 Southside Ave.
Bridgewater NJ PP Collagen
2250037 Solgar Inc, Division of the Nature Bounty Co.
500 Willow Tree Rd
Leonia NJ PP Collagen
304332871 Devro Inc.
785 Old Swamp Road
Swansea SC PP Collagen
17214115 Twin Lab
600 East Quality Dr
American Fork UT PPB-Bovine Gelatin
3005035468 DSM Nutritional Products
501 South Washington Street
Arcadia WI PP Gelatin