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Regulatory Science in Action

Regulatory Science in Action

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Regulatory science is complex and varied, and capturing the scope and impact of the work of Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) scientists in any one definition is difficult. CDER's scientists have made impacts in areas as diverse as drug safety, clinical trial innovation, generic drugs, and using “Big Data” to improve health outcomes and improve decision making.

How Regulatory Science Benefits Patients


To better illustrate how the work of CDER's scientists affects the real world, CDER is developing a series of impact stories. These stories highlight just a small sample of this work but are intended to give the public a better understanding of the importance and role of regulatory science overall.

Impact Stories

Learn more about applied regulatory science and read CDER's FY 2015-2016 Regulatory Science Progress Report (PDF - 1.4 MB).

Spotlight on CDER Science

Visit the Spotlight on CDER Science for more examples of regulatory science's impact on public health:

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