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  1. Ensuring Safe Use of Medicine

Safe Opioid Disposal - Remove the Risk Outreach Toolkit

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Remove the Risk

Remove the Risk raises awareness of the serious dangers of keeping unused opioid pain medicines in the home and provides information about safe disposal of these medicines.

Use these free toolkit materials—public service announcements (PSAs), social media images and posts, fact sheets, and more—for talking with others about safe opioid disposal.

Remove the Risk Toolkit

Download the Remove the Risk Toolkit

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Keep Your Family Safe From Unused Opioid Pain Medicines (0:60)
Keep Your Family Safe From Unused Opioid Pain Medicines (0:30)
Keep Your Family Safe From Unused Opioid Pain Medicines (0:15)


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Most people who are prescribed #opioids for pain relief after a surgery or injury have unused meds. Make sure they don’t get into the wrong hands. Here’s how to dispose of them safely: www.FDA.gov/DrugDisposal #RemoveOpioidRisk

Some medicines, such as #opioids, are especially dangerous if misused. Check medicine cabinets or drawers for unused medicines. @FDA_Drug_Info explains how to safely dispose of them. www.FDA.gov/DrugDisposal #RemoveOpioidRisk

Unused prescription #opioids can be dangerous, especially for children and pets. Learn how to get rid of unused pills, syrups, and patches to keep your loved ones safe. www.FDA.gov/DrugDisposal #RemoveOpioidRisk

Opioids helped with the pain, and you held onto them… just in case. But did you know that holding onto unused #opioids puts your family at risk? Learn how to dispose of them safely: www.FDA.gov/DrugDisposal #RemoveOpioidRisk

You can be part of the solution to the opioid crisis. Remove the risk of unused opioids from your home - proper disposal can save lives. Discover how: www.FDA.gov/DrugDisposal #RemoveOpioidRisk



Facebook Posts

Surgery 2 years ago. A broken bone last year. The dental procedure last month. Whatever your reason for taking prescription #opioids, do not keep them around when you no longer need them. Learn how to dispose of unused opioids safely: www.FDA.gov/DrugDisposal #RemoveOpioidRisk

Trouble with opioids often starts at home with unused prescribed medicines in your cabinets or drawers. But you can dispose of unused medicines safely—and prevent them from harming your loved ones. Discover how: www.FDA.gov/DrugDisposal #RemoveOpioidRisk

Turning the tide on the opioid crisis can start with you and your community. Make sure you dispose of unused opioid medicines safely. Find out how to Remove the Risk: www.FDA.gov/DrugDisposal #RemoveOpioidRisk

Approximately 50% of people who misuse prescription pain medicines get them from a friend or family member. Don't share unused #opioids. Find out about safe opioid disposal and spread the word! www.FDA.gov/DrugDisposal #RemoveOpioidRisk


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