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  1. Data Standards Manual (monographs)

General Nomenclature Monograph

General Nomenclature MonographsMonograph Number
Calendar Date - Format 2C-GEN-00002 (FDA Archive)
Fiscal YearC-GEN-00005 (FDA Archive)
Person Given NameC-GEN-00201 (FDA Archive)
Person Middle NameC-GEN-00202 (FDA Archive)
Person SurnameC-GEN-00203 (FDA Archive)
Person Family RankC-GEN-00204 (FDA Archive)
Sponsor/Applicant NameC-GEN-10201 (FDA Archive)
Telephone Area CodeC-GEN-10202 (FDA Archive)
Telephone Country CodeC-GEN-10203 (FDA Archive)
Telephone Number, Format 1C-GEN-10204 (FDA Archive)
Telephone Number, Format 2C-GEN-10205 (FDA Archive)
Telephone City CodeC-GEN-10206 (FDA Archive)
Application TypeC-GEN-10207 (FDA Archive)
Application NumberC-GEN-10208 (FDA Archive)
GenderC-GEN-10209 (FDA Archive)
RaceC-GEN-10210 (FDA Archive)
Marital StatusC-GEN-10211 (FDA Archive)
HeightC-GEN-10212 (FDA Archive)
WeightC-GEN-10213 (FDA Archive)
Educational LevelC-GEN-10301 (FDA Archive)
ECH Document TypeC-GEN-10302 (FDA Archive)
FYI Copy DestinationC-GEN-10303 (FDA Archive)
Media TypeC-GEN-10304 (FDA Archive)
Plant TypeC-GEN-10305 (FDA Archive)
DFS Recommendation CodeC-GEN-10306 (FDA Archive)
INVAS Volume TypeC-GEN-10307 (FDA Archive)


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