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Phish Pharm 2014

Information about drug residues and pharmacokinetic parameters in aquatic species is relatively sparse. In addition, it is difficult to rapidly compare data between studies due to differences in experimental conditions, such as water temperatures and salinity. To facilitate the study of aquatic species drug metabolism, we constructed a Fish Drug/Chemical Analysis Phish-Pharm (FDA-PP) database. This database consists of close to 600 articles that include data from 175 aquatic species (fish and shellfish). This database will be a valuable resource to investigators of drug metabolism in aquatic species as well as government and private organizations involved in the drug approval process for aquatic species. Data fields include:

  • genus,
  • species,
  • water temperatures,
  • the average animal weight,
  • sample types analyzed,
  • drug (or chemical) name,
  • dosage,
  • route of administration,
  • metabolites identified,
  • method of analysis,
  • protein binding,
  • clearance,
  • volume of distribution in a central compartment (Vc) or volume of distribution at steady-state (Vd), and
  • drug half-lives (t½).
  • Additional fields list the citation, authors, title, and Internet links.

The document will be periodically updated, and users are invited to submit additional data.

Phish-Pharm Database of Pharmacokinetics Data in Fish

Updated 2014


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