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Zohra Olumee-Shabon PhD.

Zohra Olumee-Shabon, PhD
Zohra Olumee-Shabon PhD.

Division of Residue Chemistry


Dr. Olumee-Shabon is a principal investigator working in the Division of Residue Chemistry (DRC), Office of Applied Science. She received her BSci from George Mason University and her PhD from George Washington University in 1999. She was a post-doctoral fellow at NIH (2000–2004), where she conducted research to determine protein-protein interactions using chemical cross-linking and mass spectrometry. Prior to joining FDA, she worked at the Children’s National Medical Center, where she coordinated the proteomics core facility. In 2010, Dr. Olumee-Shabon joined FDA as a Commissioner’s Fellow studying biomarkers of disease in food-producing animals. In her current position at DRC, Dr. Olumee-Shabon is involved in method development, validation, and stability studies for veterinary drug residues in animal-derived foods and animal feeds, using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry, in support of veterinary drug approval and surveillance processes.


  • Residue chemistry, method development, validation, and stability studies 
  • Analysis of small and large molecules using cutting-edge LC-MS/MS technologies
  • Biomarker discovery using proteomic approaches
  • Identification and characterization of post-translational modifications

Select Publications

Olumee-Shabon, Z., Chattopadhaya, C. and Myers, M. 2020. Proteomics Profiling of Swine Serum Proteins Following Lipopolysaccharide Challenge. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. 34(7):e8639.

Olumee-Shabon, Z. and Boehmer. J., 2019. Proteomic Analysis of Goat Milk in  Kukovics, S. (ed) Goat Science, . Rejika, INTECH Open Access Publisher pp 143-164.

Olumee-Shabon, Z. and Boehmer, J.L., 2013. Detection of casein phosphopeptides in goat milk. Journal of Proteome Research, 12(6), pp. 3034–3041.

Olumee-Shabon, Z., Swain, T., Smith, E.A., Tall, E. and Boehmer, J.L., 2013. Proteomic analysis of differentially expressed proteins in caprine milk during experimentally induced endotoxin mastitis. Journal of Dairy Science, 96(5), pp. 2903–2912.

Boehmer, J.L. and Olumee-Shabon, Z., 2011. Veterinary biomarker discovery: Proteomic analysis of acute phase proteins. in Veas, F. (ed) Acute Phase Proteins as Early Non-Specific Biomarkers of Human and Veterinary Diseases. Rejika, INTECH Open Access Publisher. DOI: 10.5772/19263

Contact Information
Zohra Olumee-Shabon
+1 (240) 402 5479
+1 (301) 210 4685
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