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FDA Letter to Industry on Beef Cattle Ear Implants

Dear Stakeholder,

The FDA would like to take the opportunity to address recent inquiries from the beef cattle industry regarding beef cattle ear implants, and to reassure cattle producers that there are no changes to how they may be using these products at this time.

The FDA assures beef cattle producers that approved, over-the-counter implants will remain available for the beef cattle industry. These products have a variety of approved conditions of use and the FDA has recognized that the labeling for certain products may be unclear to the end-user, particularly with regard to repeat implantation. To address this issue, the FDA has initiated a process to work with the drug sponsors to clarify the labeling of the affected beef cattle ear implant products.

The FDA plans to continue to work closely with beef cattle producers to provide additional information as it becomes available, in order to minimize any confusion.

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