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Pharmaceutical Science and Clinical Pharmacology Advisory Committee

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The Committee shall provide advice on scientific and technical issues concerning the safety, and effectiveness of drug products for use in the treatment of a broad spectrum of human diseases, and as required, the quality characteristics which such drugs purport or are represented to have, and as required, any other product for which the Food and Drug Administration has regulatory responsibility, and make appropriate recommendations to the Commissioner of Food and Drugs. The Committee may also review Agency sponsored intramural and extramural biomedical research programs in support of FDA’s drug regulatory responsibilities and its critical path initiatives related to improving the efficacy and safety of drugs and improving the efficiency of drug development.

Committee Membership

The Committee shall consist of a core of 14 voting members including two Chairpersons. Members and Chairpersons are selected by the Commissioner or designee from among authorities knowledgeable in the fields of pharmaceutical sciences (pharmaceutical manufacturing, bioequivalence research, laboratory analytical techniques, pharmaceutical chemistry, physiochemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, microbiology) and clinical pharmacology (dose-response, pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics, modeling and simulation, pharmacogenomics, clinical trial design, pediatrics and special populations and innovative methods in drug development), biostatistics, related biomedical and pharmacological specialties, current good manufacturing practices, and quality systems implementation. Almost all non-Federal members of this committee serve as Special Government Employees. The core of voting members may include one technically qualified member, selected by the Commissioner or designee, who is identified with consumer interests and is recommended by either a consortium of consumer-oriented organizations or other interested persons. In addition to the voting members, the Committee may include up to three non-voting representative members who are identified with industry interests. There may also be an alternate industry representative.

Contact Information

Yvette Waples, PharmD
Acting Designated Federal Officer (DFO)

Division of Advisory Committee and Consultant Management
Office of Executive Programs
E-mail: ACPS-CP@fda.hhs.gov

FDA Advisory Committee Information Line
(301) 443-0572 (local number)
Please call the Information Line for up-to-date information on meetings.


Contact Information

FDA Advisory Committee Information Line
(301-443-0572 in the Washington DC area)

Please call the Information Line for up-to-date information on this meeting.

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