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  1. Scientific Internships, Fellowships / Trainees and Non-U.S. Citizens

Medical Device Fellowship Program for Physicians, Engineers, Scientists


The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) Medical Device Fellowship Program (also known as MDFP)  provides opportunities for health professionals to participate in the FDA’s regulatory process for medical devices. This fellowship program is part of Partnerships to Advance Innovation and Regulatory Science (PAIRS) in the Office of Strategic Partnerships and Technology Innovation (OST) in CDRH. In addition to the Medical Device Fellowship Program, other components of PAIRS include Technology Transfer and Partnerships, and the Critical Path Initiative.

CDRH regulates a wide array of medical devices and is involved with the latest medical device cutting-edge technology areas such as genomics, proteomics, diagnostics for personalized medicine, percutaneous heart valves, artificial hearts, tissue engineered wound dressing with cells, and bone void fillers with growth factors, and many others.

To keep pace with the rapid development of new technology, and to make decisions based on the best scientific information and knowledge available, CDRH routinely consults with experts in the academic community, other government entities, clinical practice, and the military. By filling gaps in expertise for a finite period of time, PAIRS enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of CDRH operations. PAIRS is the focal point of all CDRH fellowships and interorganizational partnerships. PAIRS also fosters scientific innovation by helping offices form partnerships with academia, private sector organizations, and government agencies.

CDRH established the Medical Device Fellowship Program to increase the range and depth of collaborations between CDRH and the outside scientific community. The program offers short and long-term fellowship opportunities for individuals interested in learning about the regulatory process and sharing their knowledge and experience with medical devices from the relatively simple to the highly complex.

Physicians with clinical or surgical expertise, engineers in biomedical, mechanical, electrical and software areas, and individuals from many other scientific disciplines have participated in the fellowship program. Opportunities are available for students in many areas as well.

Career Development

Learn about the FDA approval process for medical devices:

  • medical device design
  • clinical trial design and data
  • regulatory science
  • safety and efficacy evaluation
  • materials, performance, bioeffects and standards
  • adverse events

Public Service

  • Join CDRH's mission to protect the public health by ensuring that medical devices are safe and effective
  • Share your expertise on complex device issues
  • Make a difference in the lives of patients and consumers


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