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FDA Technology Transfer

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Technology Transfer is the process of transferring skills, knowledge, technologies, and manufacturing methods among governments and universities--and other institutions--to make sure that a wider range of users has access to scientific and technological developments. These users can, in turn, develop and use the technology to create new products, processes, applications, materials or services.

FDA's Technology Transfer Program within the Office of the Chief Scientist, helps the FDA community with its technology transfer and intellectual property efforts. The program helps transfer to outside organizations FDA technologies so that they can be fully developed and introduced into the commercial marketplace. Technology Transfer also enables the exchange of research resources between FDA scientists and external scientific research groups.

To make collaborations and scientific exchanges possible, FDA's Technology Transfer Program uses various agreement mechanisms, including:

The Technology Transfer program also helps FDA inventors report new technologies, which are then considered for patent application filing. We carry out patenting and licensing of FDA technologies when these activities support FDA’s public health mission.

Specific questions about FDA inventions and technologies, research collaborations, CRADAs, or other technology transfer matters, may be directed to the appropriate FDA Technology Transfer Program Contacts.

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