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Office of Computational Science

Office of Computational Science

Director, Lilliam Rosario, Ph.D
Deputy Director, Mary Doi, MD


Drive the modernization of CDER’s scientific review process through the implementation of tools, services, and training to enable reviewers to apply their expertise to information.


To provide CDER reviewers innovative and reliable solutions that improve and strengthen the scientific review process by integrating data, tools, and training.

In OCS, we understand that CDER reviewers have limited time to review and analyze large volumes of data. OCS works with reviewers to provide comprehensive tools, services, and training to support and improve the review process. OCS helps reviewers understand, analyze, and use their data so they spend more time thinking about the results of the data analyses rather than setting up those analyses. Our understanding of both regulatory review challenges and a range of technical solutions enables us to create solutions that impact the review process.

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