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Office of Executive Programs

Who We Are:

The Office of Executive Programs oversees a variety of Center-wide programs, including executive project management, the Center’s executive secretariat function, scientific advisory committees, training and development, CDER’s ombudsman, and program and administrative management.

What We Do:

  • Coordinate the operations of the Office of the Center Director, and ensure that the goals and priorities of the Director are met.
  • Advise and assist the Center Director and other key officials on program matters.
  • Oversee the administrative management program for the Office of the Center Director.
  • Coordinate ombudsman activities, which includes managing informal dispute resolution between regulated industry and CDER, managing informal dispute resolution within CDER for scientific and review issues, responding to consumer and industry inquiries and investigating complaints, receiving and assessing feedback on CDER programs, and advising the Center Director about problems and proposing solutions.
  • Coordinate inter-center product activities, which includes establishing and representing CDER's position on which FDA center is most appropriate for reviewing a combination product, responding to formal and informal requests for assignment of combination and non-combination products, and serving as the point of contact and information source regarding product jurisdiction.
  • Oversee the Division of Advisory Committee and Consultant Management which plans and manages advisory committees for CDER.
  • Oversee the Division of Learning and Organizational Development which provides training and continuing education opportunities for CDER.

Office Organization:

  • Office of Executive Programs – Immediate Office
  • Division of Advisory Committee and Consultant Management
  • Division of Learning and Organizational Development
  • Executive Operations Staff
  • Legislative Affairs Staff
  • Ombudsman

Contact Us:

E-mail: CDERExSec@cder.fda.gov | Telephone: 301-796-3200 | Fax: 301-595-7910

Office of Executive Programs, White Oak Building 51, 6th Floor, 10903 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20993

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