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CDRH Management Directory by Organization

This information is current as of February 25, 2023

Center Director Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., J.D. 301-796-5900
Deputy Center Director for Science Douglas Kelly, M.D. 301-796-5900
Deputy Center Director for Policy Ellen Flannery, J.D. 301-796-5900
Associate Director for Scientific and Regulatory Programs Elizabeth Hillebrenner 301-796-5900
Deputy Office Director Nancy Collazo-Braier, Ph.D 301-796-5676
Associate Director for International Affairs Melissa Torres 301-796-5576
Associate Director for TPLC Advisory Program (TAP) Edward Shenkan  
Associate Director for Strategic Communications Nicole Ellis 301-796-5900
Quality Management Staff
Staff Director  Nancy Collazo-Braier, Ph.D. 301-796-5676
Assistant Director for Quality Management Systems Olga Claudio, Ph.D. 301-796-7601
Assistant Director for Process Improvement Cathy Oliveri 301-796-5549
Office Director Vacant  
Deputy Office Director Jodi Duckhorn 301-796-9164
Deputy Office Director Alicia Witters 240-342-2312
Associate Director for Operations and Quality Management Sharon M. Davis 301-796-5717
Digital Communication Media Staff
Staff Director Chad Heupel 301-348-1474
Program Management Operations Staff
Staff Director Sharon M. Davis (Acting) 301-796-5717
Division of Employee Training and Development Vacant  
Division Director Kelly Morin (Acting) 240-402-2475
Deputy Division Director Vacant  
Branch Chief for Technology and Learning Management Samantha Gordon 301-796-4894
Branch Chief for Employee Development Miguel "Marty" Martinez 301-796-5724
Division of Communication
Division Director Kemba Ford 301-796-6682
Deputy Division Director Vacant  
Branch Chief for External Communication Alexandria Bruner 240-402-5082
Branch Chief for Internal Communication  Jennifer Watson 240-402-4079
Branch Chief for Web and Graphics Valina Lim  240-402-9776
Division of Industry and Consumer Education
Division Director Elias Mallis 301-796-6216
Deputy Division Director Joseph Tartal 301-796-5853
Branch Chief for Postmarket and Consumer Programs Tonya Wilbon 301-796-6224
Branch Chief for Premarket Programs Donna Headlee 301-796-5649
Division of Information Disclosure
Division Director Candace Boston 240-402-3736
Deputy Division Director Anastazia "Stacy" Taylor 240-402-3737
Branch Chief for Freedom of Information A LCDR Leon Snyder (Acting) 301-796-6813
Branch Chief for Freedom of Information B Anjelica Ruda 240-402-5380
Office Director and Executive Officer Denise Huttenlocker 240-402-6435
Deputy Officer Director and Deputy Executive Officer Jaime Horman 240-402-6176
Associate Director Vacant  
Management Systems and Analysis
Director for Management Systems and Analysis Jonathan Sauer 301-796-7564
Planning and Program Analysis Staff
Staff Director Sharron Wyatt 240-402-6642
Division of Acquisitions Services
Division Director Kyle Roberts 301-766-6685
Assistant Director for Advanced Acquisitions Christopher Scott 240-478-2441
Assistant Director for Simplified Acquisitions/Planning and Assistance Joshua Holliday 301-796-1947
Division of Management Services
Division Director Danyiel D'Antonio 301-796-5967
Deputy Division Director Ann Jenkins 240-402-8081
Assistant Director for Travel and Conference Management Tamie Pate 240-402-8676
Assistant Director for Space and Facilities Management Stephanie Hawk 301-796-4113
Assistant Director for Committee Management and Planning CDR Daniel Bailey 301-796-2452
Division of Workforce Management
Division Director Stacey Wilson 301-796-5970
Deputy Division Director Mary Wathen 301-796-8848
Assistant Director for Staffing Team A Renita Farrington  
Assistant Director for Staffing Team B Nicole Waskin 240-402-8548
Assistant Director for Human Capital Management Kali Gamble-Porter 240-402-8501
Assistant Director for Special Programs Bruce "Kevin" Jackson  
Division of Financial Management
Division Director Patricia Carr 240-402-8171
Deputy Division Director Jessica Ghajari (Pittman) 240-402-5198
Assistant Director for Budget Execution David Yakaitis  
Assistant Director for Budget Formulation Mark Needham 240-402-9823
Assistant Director for Financial Accountability Jason Brookbank 301-796-5498
Director Ellen Flannery, J.D. 301-796-5900
Deputy Office Director Jonette Foy, Ph.D. 301-796-6328
Ombudsman Abiy Desta 301-796-0293
Deputy Ombudsman Ken Skodacek 301-796-6364
Associate Director for Guidance, Legislation and Special Projects Eli Tomar, J.D. 240-893-1926
Associate Director for Regulatory Documents and Special Projects Ariel Seeley, J.D. 301-796-8738
Immediate Office
Office Director William Maisel, M.D. 301-796-5550
Principal Deputy Office Director Owen Faris, Ph.D. 301-796-6356
Deputy Office Director for Operations Daniel Montgomery 301-796-5987
Deputy Director for Regulatory Policy Angela Krueger 301-796-5550
Associate Director for Total Product Life Cycle Review Program Innovation Matthew Hillebrenner (Acting) 301-796-6358
Senior Project Manager Debra "Debbie" Grygier 301-796-5934
Quality and Analytics Staff
Associate Director Cherron Blakely, DBA 301-796-6835
Clinical and Scientific Policy Staff
Associate Director and Chief Medical Science Officer Randall Brockman, M.D. 301-796-5550
Deputy Associate Director Michael Hoffman 301-796-6610
Supervisor for Clinical and Scientific Policy Staff 1 Vacant  
Supervisor for Clinical and Scientific Policy Staff 2 Vacant  
Strategic Initiatives Staff
Associate Director Ellen Olson, Ph.D. 301-796-4322
Regulation, Policy and Guidance Staff
Associate Director Rebecca Nipper 301-796-6527
Regulatory, Policy and Combination Products Staff
Associate Director James Bertram, Ph.D. 301-796-9588
Compliance and Quality Staff
Associate Director Keisha Thomas (Acting) 301-796-5479
Supervisory for Compliance and Quality 1 Patrick Weixel 301-796-5537
Post Market Programs Staff
Associate Director Katrina Gwinn (Acting) 240-402-2762
Professional Development Staff
Associate Director Dawn White 240-402-3184
Communications Staff
Associate Director Anne Hawthorn, J.D. 301-796-6561
Operations Staff
Associate Director Vacant  
Assistant Director Casey Stewart 240-402-5046
OPEQ Digital Health Staff
Associate Director Jessica Paulsen 301-796-6883
Office of Regulatory Programs
Office Director RDML Sean Boyd 301-796-5895
Deputy Office Director Barbara Zimmerman 301-796-5560
Deputy Office Director Michael Ryan 301-796-6283
Chief Medical Officer Vacant  
Associate Director for Operations Kendra Brooks 240-402-2977
Associate Director for Professional Development Vacant  
Division of Regulatory Programs 1 (Submission Support)
Division Director Joshua Nipper 301-796-5640
Deputy Division Director Vacant  
Assistant Director for 510(k), DeNovo, 513(g), Device Determinations and Custom Devices Lifecycle Angela DeMarco 301-796-4471
Assistant Director for PMA, HDE, Pre-submission and Device Tracking Lifecycle Susannah Gilbert (Acting) 301-796-7633
Division of Regulatory Programs 2 (Establishment Support)
Division Director CDR Cesar Perez 301-796-5476
Deputy Division Director Dorothy Lee 301-796-5687
Assistant Director for Imports and Registration and Listing Deniz Mackey 301-796-5908
Assistant Director for Exports  Leila M. Lawrence 240-402-4020
Assistant Director for FDA Inspections and Regulatory Audits LCDR Kenneth Chen (Acting) 301-796-5595
Division of Regulatory Programs 3 (Surveillance Support)
Division Director Donna Engleman 301-796-6117
Deputy Division Director Indira Konduri 301-796-6658
Assistant Director for Recalls and Shortages  James "Nick" Walker 301-796-5910
Assistant Director for Allegations  Paola Barnett 301-796-5462
Assistant Director for MDR  Michelle Rios 301-796-6107
Division of Regulatory Programs 4 (Regulatory Systems, Tools, and Data Management)
Division Director Lisa Lim, Ph.D. 301-796-6443
Deputy Division Director Vacant  
Assistant Director for Regulatory Systems Management Vacant  
Assistant Director for Tools and Templates Patrick Axtell 301-796-6462
Assistant Director for Review Performance Analytics Vacant  
Assistant Director for Market Intelligence Analytics Vacant  
Office of Clinical Evidence and Analysis
Office Director Daniel Canos, Ph.D. 301-796-9578
Deputy Office Director Felipe Aguel, Ph.D. 301-837-7631
Deputy Office Director Jill Marion 301-796-6128
Chief Medical Officer Charles Viviano, M.D., Ph.D.  240-402-2975
Associate Director Danica Marinac-Dabic, M.D., Ph.D. 301-796-6689
Associate Director Mary Beth Ritchey, Ph.D.  
Associate Director for Operations Natasha Farrell (Acting) 301-796-6918
Associate Director for Professional Development Vacant  
Division of Clinical Evidence and Analysis 1 (Clinical Science and Quality)
Division Director Soma Kalb, Ph.D. 301-796-5490
Deputy Division Director Adam Donat 301-796-5490
Deputy Division Director Hina Pinto (Acting) 301-796-6351
Assistant Director for Policy and Operations 1 Ouided Rouabhi  240-402-2672
Assistant Director for Policy and Operations 2 Jayna Wiebel (Acting) 301-796-2593
Assistant Director for Clinical Evidence Quality 1 Albert Rodriquez 301796-6336
Assistant Director for Clinical Evidence Quality 2 Sheena Green 301-796-5490
Division of Clinical Evidence and Analysis 2 (Biostatistics)
Division Director Gregory Alexander  
Deputy Division Director Yun-Ling Xu, Ph.D. 301-796-6031
Deputy Division Director Ozan Aygun  
Deputy Division Director Vacant  
Assistant Director for Biostatistics 1 Xu "Sherry" Yan, Ph.D. 301-796-6032
Assistant Director for Biostatistics 2 Vacant  
Assistant Director for Biostatistics 3 Hong "Laura" Lu, Ph.D. 301-796-1699
Assistant Director for Biostatistics 4 Rajesh Nair, Ph.D. 301-796-6021
Assistant Director for Biostatistics 5 Bipasa Biswas, Ph.D. 301-796-5740
Assistant Director for Biostatistics 6 Nelson Lu 301-796-6018
Assistant Director for Biostatistics 7 Li Ming Dong  240-402-6608
Division of Clinical Evidence and Analysis 3 (Clinical Science & Outreach)
Division Director Rebecca Torguson (Acting) 301-796-3244
Deputy Division Director Jacqueline Puigbo, Ph.D. (Acting) 240-402-0342
Deputy Division Director Alexandra Koustenis  (Acting) 301-796-6125
Assistant Director for Clinical Evidence Outcomes Research 1 Jacqueline Puigbo, Ph.D. 240-402-0342
Assistant Director for Clinical Evidence Outcomes Research 2 Vacant  
Assistant Director for Outreach and Partnerships Alexandra Koustenis 301-796-6125
Office of Health Technology 1 (OHT 1: Ophthalmic, Anesthesia, Respiratory, ENT and Dental Devices)
Office Director Malvina Eydelman, M.D. 301-796-5620
Deputy Office Director Kesia Alexander, Ph.D. 301-796-5620
Deputy Office Director Denise Hampton, Ph.D. (Acting) 301-796-6860
Chief Medical Officer Vacant  
Associate Director Nilsa Loyo-Berrios, Ph.D. (Acting) 301-796-6065
Associate Director CAPT Bradley Cunningham 301-796-6484
Associate Director for Operations Maritze Ortega 301-796-5625
Associate Director for Professional Development Kim Scarborough 240-402-1343
Safety Signal Manager Allison O'Neill, Ph.D. 301-796-4141
Division of Health Technology 1 A (Ophthalmic Devices)
Division Director Tieuvi Nguyen, Ph.D. 301-796-7018
Assistant Director for Intraocular Lens and Accessory Devices Bennett Walker, Ph.D. 301-796-5093
Assistant Director for Contact Lenses and Dry Eye Devices Angelo Green, Ph.D. 301-796-6828
Assistant Director for Retinal and Diagnostic Devices Elvin Ng 301-796-6484
Assistant Director for Glaucoma, Cornea, and Surgical Devices Vacant  
Division of Health Technology 1 B (Dental and ENT Devices)
Division Director Srinivas Nandkumar, Ph.D. 301-796-6480
Assistant Director for Implantable Dental Devices Andrew Steen 301-796-6284
Assistant Director for Restorative and Surgical Dental Devices Michael Adjodha 301-796-6276
Assistant Director for ENT Devices Shu-Chen Peng, Ph.D. 301-796-6481
Division of Health Technology 1 C (Anesthesia, Respiratory, and Sleep Devices)
Division Director James J. Lee, Ph.D. 301-796-8463
Assistant Director for Anesthesia Devices Kumudhini Hendrix (Acting) 240-402-5262
Assistant Director for Respiratory Devices Vacant  
Assistant Director for Sleep Disordered Breathing Devices Rachana Visaria, Ph.D. 240-402-5628
Office of Health Technology 2 (OHT 2: Cardiovascular Devices)
Office Director Bram Zuckerman, M.D. 301-796-6315
Deputy Office Director Nicole Ibrahim, Ph.D. (Acting) 301-796-7000
Deputy Office Director William MacFarland 301-796-5547
Deputy Office Director Kenneth Cavanaugh, Ph.D. 301-796-6377
Chief Medical Officer Andrew Farb, M.D. 301-796-6343
Associate Director Vacant  
Associate Director for Operations Tara Smith 301-796-2690
Associate Director Professional Development Melinda Hill  
Safety Signal Manager CDR Jennifer Danieley 301-796-0309
Division of Health Technology 2 A (Cardiac Electrophysiology, Diagnostics, and Monitoring Devices)
Division Director Vacant  
Assistant Director for Blood Pressure and Flow Devices Robert Kazmierski (Acting) 301-796-5540
Assistant Director for Cardiac Ablation, Mapping, and Imaging Devices Aneesh Deoras 240-402-4363
Assistant Director for External Heart Rhythm and Rate Devices Jennifer Shih Kozen 301-796-5813
Assistant Director for Implantable Electrophysiology Devices Hetal Odobasic 204-402-6540
Division of Health Technology 2 B (Circulatory Support, Structural and Vascular Devices)
Division Director Rachel Neubrander, Ph.D. (Acting) 301-796-6940
Assistant Director for Cardiac Occluders and Hemostasis Devices Katherine Wallon Trivedi (Acting) 240-402-6398
Assistant Director for Circulatory Support Devices Nicole Gillette 240-402-6630
Assistant Director for Heart Valve Devices Jaime Raben, Ph.D. 301-796-1137
Assistant Director for Vascular and Endovascular Devices Carmen Gacchina Johnson, Ph.D. 240-402-5244
Division of Health Technology 2 C (Coronary and Peripheral Intervention Devices)
Division Director Brian Pullin 301-796-6455
Assistant Director for Coronary Interventional Devices Lydia Glaw, Ph.D. 301-796-1456
Assistant Director for Peripheral Interventional Devices Misti Malone, Ph.D. 301-796-2520
Assistant Director for Plaque Modification Devices Gregory O'Connell 301-796-6075
Office of Health Technology 3 (OHT 3: GastroRenal, ObGyn, General Hospital and Urology Devices)
Office Director Courtney Lias, Ph.D. 301-796-5458
Deputy Office Director Joyce Whang, Ph.D. 301-796-7030
Deputy Office Director Kellie Kelm, Ph.D. (Acting) 301-796-6145
Chief Medical Officer Vacant  
Associate Director Vacant  
Associate Director for Operations Christine Lee 301-796-7060
Associate Director for Professional Development Michelle Chavis 240-402-3112
Safety Signal Manager Kathleen White 301-796-5832
Division of Health Technology 3 A (Renal, Gastrointestinal, Obesity and Transplant Devices)
Division Director Glenn Bell, Ph.D. 301-796-7030
Assistant Director for Renal and Transplantation Devices Gema Gonzalez (Acting) 301-796-6519
Assistant Director for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Devices Shanil Haugen, Ph.D. 301-796-0301
Assistant Director for Obesity and Hepatobiliary Devices Je Hi An, Ph.D. 240-402-6510
Division of Health Technology 3 B (Reproductive, Gynecology and Urology Devices)
Division Director Sharon Andrews 301-796-6529
Assistant Director for Obstetrical and Reproductive Health Devices Monica Garcia, Ph.D. 240-402-2791
Assistant Director for Gynecological and Surgical Devices Jason Roberts, Ph.D. 240-402-6400
Assistant Director for Urological Devices Mark Antonino 240-402-9980
Assistant Director for Incontinence and Female Urological Devices Jessica Nguyen, Ph.D. 301-796-6277
Division of Health Technology 3 C (Drug Delivery and General Hospital Devices and Human Factors)
Division Director Juliane Lessard, Ph.D. 240-402-6126
Assistant Director for Injection Devices CAPT Alan Stevens 301-796-6294
Assistant Director for Infusion Devices Vacant  
Assistant Director for General Hospital Devices David Wolloscheck (Acting) 301-796-1480
Assistant Director for Human Factors and Reliability Engineering Tania Reina 301-221-7499
Office of Health Technology 4 (OHT 4: Surgical and Infection Control Devices)
Office Director Binita Ashar, M.D. 301-796-6970
Deputy Office Director David Krause, Ph.D. 301-796-6970
Deputy Office Director CAPT Terri Cornelison, M.D. (Acting) 301-796-5682
Chief Medical Science Officer Dorian Korz, M.D. 301-796-4335
Associate Director for Operations LCDR Ogochukwu Ogoegbunam 240-402-8807
Associate Director for Professional Development Melissa Eakle 301-796-5530
Associate Director Vacant  
Safety Signal Manager Irada Isayeva 301-796-2618
Division of Health Technology 4 A (General Surgery Devices)
Division Director Vacant  
Assistant Director for Robotic Assisted Surgery Devices Mark Trumbore 301-796-5436
Assistant Director for Non-Light Based Energy Devices Long Chen, Ph.D. 301-796-6970
Assistant Director for Light Based Energy Devices Jianting Wang (Acting) 301-796-7674
Assistant Director for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Devices Vacant  
Division of Health Technology 4 B (Infection Control and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)
Division Director Heather Dean, Ph.D. (Acting) 240-402-9874
Assistant Director for Sterility Devices Clarence Murray III 301-796-0270
Assistant Director for Personal Protective Equipment, Reprocessing and Disinfection Devices Bifeng Qian  301-796-2261
Assistant Director for Plastic Surgery Implant Devices Deborah Fellhauer  301-796-9570
Assistant Director for Plastic Surgery Skin and Wound Devices Julie Morabito, Ph.D.  240-402-3839
Office of Health Technology 5 (OHT 5: Neurological and Physical Medicine Devices)
Office Director David McMullen, M.D. 301-796-4377
Deputy Office Director John Marler, M.D. 301-796-4221
Deputy Office Director CAPT Nina Mezu-Nwaba,PharmD 301-796-5494
Chief Medical Officer Christopher Loftus, M.D. 301-796-4377
Associate Director Sergio de del Castillo 301-796-6419
Associate Director for Operations Tonja Galberth 301-796-5959
Associate Director for Professional Development Brian Lawrence 323-873-7160
Safety Signal Manager Sonja Sokic, Ph.D. 240-402-3679
Division of Health Technology 5 A (Neurosurgical, Neurointerventional and Neurodiagnostic)
Division Director Xiaolin Zheng, Ph.D. 301-796-2823
Assistant Director for Neurosurgical Devices Adam Pierce, Ph.D. 240-402-6128
Assistant Director for Neurointerventional Devices Naira Muradyan, Ph.D. 240-402-4918
Assistant Director for Neurodiagnostic Devices Jay Gupta, Ph.D. 301-796-2795
Division of Health Technology 5 B (Neuromodulation and Rehabilitation Devices)
Division Director Heather Dean, Ph.D. (Acting) 240-402-9874
Assistant Director for Neurostimulation-Neurology Devices CDR Jitendra Virani 301-796-6398
Assistant Director for Neuromodulation-Psychiatry Devices Pamela Scott 301-796-5433
Assistant Director for Acute Injury Devices Tushar Bansal (Acting) 240-402-4684
Assistant Director for Neurodegenerative Devices Amber Ballard, Ph.D. 240-402-9983
Office of Health Technology 6 (OHT 6: Orthopedic Devices)
Office Director CAPT Raquel Peat, Ph.D. 301-796-5650
Deputy Office Director Marieann Brill  240-402-3838
Deputy Office Director Christopher Harner, M.D. 301-796-5650
Chief Medical Officer Vincent Devlin, M.D. 301-796-6414
Associate Director for Operations CAPT Tania Schuppius 301-796-6446
Associate Director for Professional Development Alan Myers 240-402-2867
Associate Director Constance Soves 301-796-6951
Safety Signal Manager Hongying Jiang, Ph.D. 301-796-6087
Division of Health Technology 6 A (Joint Arthroplasty Devices)
Division Director Jiping Chen, M.D., Ph.D.  
Assistant Director for Knee Arthroplasty Devices Ting Song 301-796-7677
Assistant Director for Hip Arthroplasty Devices Limin Sun 301-796-7056
Assistant Director for Shoulder Arthroplasty Devices Vacant  
Division of Health Technology 6 B (Spinal Devices)
Division Director Ronald Jean, Ph.D. 301-796-5650
Assistant Director Intracolumnar Spinal Devices Brent Showalter, Ph.D. 240-402-1840
Assistant Director Extracolumnar Spinal Devices Colin O'Neill 301-796-6428
Division of Health Technology 6 C (Restorative, Repair and Trauma Devices)
Division Director Laurence Coyne, Ph.D. 301-796-5650
Assistant Director for Restorative, Repair, Trauma and Fracture Fixation Devices Laura Rose 301-348-1947
Assistant Director for Stereotaxic, Bone Growth Simulators and Fracture Fixation Device Shumaya Ali 301-796-2356
Office of Health Technology 7 (OHT 7: In Vitro Diagnostics)
Office Director Timothy Stenzel, M.D., Ph.D. 301-796-9523
Deputy Office Director for New Product Evaluation Toby Lowe (Acting) 301-796-6512
Deputy Office Director for Patient Safety and Product Quality Brittany Schuck 301-796-5199
Deputy Office Director for Personalized Medicine Vacant  
Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives Vacant  
Associate Director for Regulatory Programs Toby Lowe 301-796-6512
Associate Director for Medical Affairs Sara Brenner, M.D. 240-402-7533
Chief Medical Officer Vacant  
Associate Director for Professional Development Vacant  
Associate Director for Operations Jennifer Draper (Acting) 301-348-1575
Division of Program Operations and Management
Division Director Amy Zale(Acting) 301-796-0869
Deputy Division Director Vacant  
Branch Chief for Laboratory Improvements, Outreach and Analysis Andrew Grove, Ph.D. 301-796-6198
Branch Chief for Third Party 510(k) Program Vacant  
Division of Chemistry and Toxicology Devices
Division Director Marianela Perez-Torres, Ph.D. (Acting) 301-796-1489
Deputy Division Director Paula Caposino, Ph.D. (Acting) 301-796-6160
Branch Chief for Chemistry Vacant  
Branch Chief for Diabetes Yiduo Wu 301-796-2942
Branch Chief for Toxicology Joseph Kotarek 301-796-2718
Branch Chief for Cardio-Renal Diagnostics Paula Caposino, Ph.D. 301-796-6160
Division of Immunology and Hematology Devices
Division Director Lea R. Carrington 301-796-6164
Deputy Division Director Takeesha Taylor-Bell 240-402-6566
Branch Chief for Hematology Min Wu 301-348-1886
Branch Chief for Immunology and Flow Cytometry Ying Mao 301-796-6635
Division of Molecular Genetics and Pathology
Division Director Donna Roscoe, Ph.D.  (Acting) 301-796-6183
Deputy Division Director Donna Roscoe, Ph.D.  301-796-6183
Branch Chief for Molecular Pathology and Cytology Soma Gosh, Ph.D. 301-796-5333
Deputy Branch Chief for Molecular Pathology and Cytology Shyam Kalavar 301-796-6807
Branch Chief for Molecular Genetics Zivana Tezak 301-796-6206
Deputy Branch Chief for Molecular Genetics Pamela Ebrahimi, Ph.D. 301-796-3477
Division of Microbiology Devices
Director Uwe Scherf, Ph.D. 301-796-5456
Deputy Director Kristian Roth, Ph.D. 301-796-7024
Branch Chief for Viral Respiratory and HPV Himani Bisht, Ph.D. 301-796-6189
Deputy Branch Chief for Viral Respiratory and HPV Joseph Briggs  240-402-7942
Branch Chief for General Viral and Hepatitis Maria Garcia, Ph.D. 301-796-7017
Deputy Branch Chief for General Viral and Hepatitis Ryan Karsner  301-796-3336
Branch Chief for General Bacterial and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Ribhi Shawar, Ph.D. 301-796-6698
Deputy Branch Chief for General Bacterial and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Leroy Hwang  240-402-6427
Branch Chief for Bacterial Respiratory and Medical Countermeasures Noel Gerald  301-796-4695
Deputy Branch Chief for Bacterial Respiratory and Medical Countermeasures Vacant   
Office of Health Technology 8 (OHT 8: Radiological Health)
Office Director Robert Ochs, Ph.D. 301-796-6661
Deputy Office Director Robert Sauer 301-796-3580
Deputy Office Director CDR David Dar 301-796-5617
Chief Medical Officer for Radiological Health Donald Miller, M.D. 301-796-3299
Associate Director for Professional Development Anne Poduska, Ph.D. 240-402-0167
Associate Director for Operations Nicholas Pastelak 301-796-6222
Associate Director Vacant  
Safety Signal Manager CDR Keith Marin 301-796-2462
Division of Health Technology 8 A (Mammography Quality Standards)
Division Director David Lee, M.D. 301-796-4120
Deputy Division Director  Preetham Sudhaker 301-796-5911
Assistant Director for Program Management Normica Facey 301-796-5914
Assistant Director for Information Management Dennis L. Trammell 301-796-5926
Division of Health Technology 8 B (Radiological Imaging Devices and Electronic Products)
Division Director Laurel Burk, Ph.D.  301-796-5933
Deputy Division Director Vacant  
Assistant Director for Diagnostic X-Ray Systems Lu Jiang, Ph.D. 240-402-5779
Assistant Director for Electronic Products Patrick Hintz  
Assistant Director for Imaging Software Jessica Lamb, Ph.D. 301-796-6167
Division of Health Technology 8 C (Radiological Imaging and Radiation Therapy Devices)
Division Director Julie Sullivan, Ph.D. 240-402-4973
Deputy Division Director Michael O'Hara, Ph.D. 301-796-0294
Assistant Director for Mammography and Ultrasound Yanna Kang, Ph.D. 301-796-6704
Assistant Director for Magnetic Resonance and Nuclear Medicine Daniel Krainak, Ph.D. 301-796-0478
Assistant Director for Radiation Therapy Lora Weidner, Ph.D. 240-402-6424
Office Director Edward Margerrison, Ph.D. 301-796-0262
Deputy Office Director for Regulatory Engagement and Innovation Anton E. Dmitriev, Ph.D. 301-796-9596
Associate Director for Strategic Initiative & Outreach Dorn Carranza, Ph.D. 301-796-8338
Division of Administrative and Laboratory Support
Division Director Angela Clingerman 301-796-2569
Assistant Director for Laboratory Support CDR David Bruno 301-796-5930
Assistant Director for Financial and Resource Management Sara Sadaie 301-796-2568
Division of Biology, Chemistry and Material Sciences
Division Director Michael Eppihimer, Ph.D. 301-796-5340
Deputy Division Director Katherine Vorvolakos, Ph.D. 301-796-2596
Deputy Division Director Peter Goering, Ph.D. 301-796-0253
Assistant Director for Chemical Characterization Arghavan "Victoria" Nawaby, Ph.D. 301-796-1514
Assistant Director for Sterility and Infection Control Katharine Segars  
Division of Biomedical Physics
Division Director Zane Arp, Ph.D. 240-402-0241
Deputy Division Director Ksenia Blinova, Ph.D. 301-796-2099
Deputy Division Director Daniel Hammer, Ph.D. 301-796-4194
Assistant Director for Electromagnetic and Electrical Safety William Vogt, Ph.D. (Acting) 240-402-4142
Assistant Director MRI Safety and Patient Monitoring and Control Devices Christopher Scully, Ph.D.  301-796-2928
Division of Applied Mechanics
Division Director Anton E. Dmitriev, Ph.D. 301-796-9596
Deputy Division Director Genevieve McRae, Ph.D. 301-796-6423
Deputy Division Director Prasanna Hariharan 301-796-2689
Assistant Director for Additive Manufacturing and Orthopedics Andrew Baumann, Ph.D. 301-796-2508
Division of Imaging Diagnostics and Software Reliability
Division Director Aldo Badano, Ph.D. 301-796-2534
Deputy Division Director Nicholas Petrick, Ph.D. 301-796-2563
Deputy Division Director Jana Delfino, Ph.D. 301-796-6503
Assistant Director for Software and High-Performance Computing Kenny Cha, Ph.D. 301-796-2858
Assistant Director for Imaging Physics Team Nirmal Soni, Ph.D. 301-796-8581
Office Director Suzanne Schwartz, M.D. 301-796-6937
Deputy Office Director Michelle Tarver, M.D., Ph.D. 301-796-6884
Associate Director for Resilient Supply Chain Tammy Beckham, DVM, Ph.D.  
Supervisor for Resilient Supply Chain Operations Carl Newman  
Associate Director for Technology and Innovation Murray Sheldon, M.D. 301-796-5443
Associate Director for Cybersecurity Vacant  
Associate Director Matthew Diamond, M.D., Ph.D. 301-796-5386
Associate Director for Digital Transformation Elizabeth McNamara  301-796-0306
Division of All Hazards Response, Science and Strategic Partnerships
Division Director Linda Ricci 301-796-6325
Deputy Division Director Kathryn Capanna 301-796-6349
Chief Medical Officer for Health of Women CAPT Terri Cornelison, M.D. 301-796-5682
Chief Medical Officer for Pediatrics Special Populations Vasum Peiris, M.D. 301-796-6089
Assistant Director for All-hazards Readiness, Response Cybersecurity Julia Madaras 301-796-6000
Assistant Director for Patient Science and Engagement Eva Rorer  301-796-6461
Assistant Director for Partnerships to Advance Innovation Regulatory Science Brittany Caldwell, Ph.D. 301-348-3954
Assistant Director for Standards and Conformity Assessment Scott Colburn 240-319-1456
Division of Digital Health    
Division Director Troy Tazbaz  
Deputy Division Director Brendan O'Leary  301-796-6898
Assistant Director for Digital Health Policy Leadership and Development Sonja Fulmer 240-402-5979
Assistant Director for Emerging Digital Health Technology Assessment and Strategy Catherine Bahr (Acting) 240-402-3413
Supervisor for Digital Health Center of Excellence Anindita Saha 301-796-2537
Division of Technology and Data Services    
Division Director Joshua Seckel 240-893-3320
Deputy Division Director Vacant  
Assistant Director for Data Services Vacant  
Assistant Director for Business Transformation Services Brian Kotula 240-402-9914
Assistant Director for Technology Services Vacant  


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