The FDA Seafood List - Updates for 2018

The following additions and changes to The Seafood List have been made in 2018.

  • Type: V=vertebrate; I=Invertebrate; I(C)=Invertebrate (Crustacean) 
  • An asterisk (*) next to the Acceptable FDA Market Name in the Seafood List indicates that a specific regulation applies to that species. A listed regulation number refers to the applicable section of the Regulation cited.
  • A dagger (†) next to the Scientific Common Name in the Seafood List identifies the names that are prohibited by a law. The specific law is noted to provide additional information.
  • Consult The Seafood List Guidance for additional information.
2018 Seafood List Additions and Changes: January – June
TypeAdditions and Changes to the Seafood ListAcceptable Market
or Law
Common NameScientific Name
VNew SpeciesSergeant-major Sergeant-majorAbudefduf saxatilis
VNew species added and Vernacular names: Kupipi and DamselfishSurgeonfish Blackspot SergeantAbudefduf sordidus
VNew speciesSurgeonfish or Tang Redtail SurgeonfishAcanthurus achilles
VNew SpeciesSurgeonfish Palani Acanthurus dussumieri
VNew SpeciesLobster DuskyAcanthurus gahhm
VCommon Name Change Surgeonfish Striped SurgeonfishAcanthurus mata
VNew SpeciesSurgeonfish Brown SurgeonfishAcanthurus nigrofuscus
VNew SpeciesTang or Surgeonfish Bluelined SurgeonfishAcanthurus nubilus 
VNew SpeciesTang or surgeonfish Convict SurgeonfishAcanthurus triostegus 
VVernacular name addedPompano  African PompanoAlectis ciliaris
vNew SpeciesTrumpetfish Atlantic TrumpetfishAulostomus maculatus
VNew SpeciesBarb TawesBarbonymus gonionotus  
VNew SpeciesParrotfish Stareyed ParrotfishCalotomus carolinus
VNew speciesThreadfin or Jack Threadfin JackCarangoides otrynter
VNew SpeciesBarb  Giant BarbCatlocarpio siamensis
VNew SpeciesParrotfish Spectacled Parrotfish Chlorurus perspicillatus
VNew SpeciesDamselfish Sombre DamselfishChrysiptera glauca 
VNew SpeciesCarp Mud CarpCirrhinus molitorella
VNew Species Carp Reba CarpCirrhinus reba
VNew SpeciesHawkfish Redspotted  HawkfishCirrhitus pinnulatis
VNew speciesTang or Surgeonfish Goldring SurgeonfishCtenochaetus strigosus
VNew SpeciesGrouper Hong Kong grouper  Epinephelus akaara  
VNew Species Shad Bonga ShadEthmalosa fimbriata      
VPlace dagger to Walleye PollockPollock  Walleye PollockGadus chalcogrammus
VAdd Vernacular Name Thicklipped travellyTrevally Golden TrevallyGnathanodon speciosus
INew species Sea Cucumber Donkey Dung Sea CucumberHolothuria mexicana  
INew species Sea cucumber White Spot CucumberHolothuria poli
INew species Sea Cucumber Tubular Sea CucumberHolothuria tubulosa
VNew SpeciesSandeel Greater Sand-eelHyperoplus immaculatus 
VNew speciesSandeel Great SandeelHyperoplus lanceolatus 
VNew SpeciesGrouper Hawaiian Grouper  Hyporthodus quernus 
INew species Sea Cucumber Four-Sided Sea CucumberIstichopus badionotus
I(C)New SpeciesBrown Box Crab Brown Box CrabLopholithodes foraminatus
VNew speciessnapper Pink SnapperLutjanus goreensis
VAdd a Vernacular NameSnapper Common Bluestripe SnapperLutjanus kasmira
VNew SpeciesGolden Perch Golden PerchMacquaria ambigua
VNew SpeciesLeatherjacket Blue-lined leatherjacketMeuschenia galii 
VNew speciesOcean Sunfish Ocean SunfishMola mola
VCommon name revision: remove: Flathead mullet Mullet Striped MulletMugil cephalus
VNew speciesGoatfish Yellowstripe GoatfishMulloidichthys flavolineatus
VNew SpeciesCarp Black CarpMylopharyngodon piceus
VMulletMullet Sharpnose Mullet Neomyxus leuciscus
VScientific Name Change from Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonitaTrout Golden TroutOncorhynchus  aguabonita
VNew speciesknifejaw KnifejawOplegnathus spp.
VNew Species Gourami or Goramy Giant GouramiOsphronemus goramy 
VCardinalfishCardinalfish Spotted Cardinalfish Ostorhinchus maculiferus
VNew Specieswrasse Blackstripe Wrasse Oxycheilinus arenatus 
VNew species Wrasse Oriental Maori WrasseOxycheilinus orientalis
VNew SpeciesChanda Himalayan Glassy PerchletParambassis baculis
VNew species Goatfish White saddleGoatfishParupenaeus cilatus
VNew SpeciesGoatfish Manybar GoatfishParupeneus multifasciatus
VNew SpeciesBeardfish Pacific BeardfishPolymixia berndti
VNew SpeciesBeardfish BeardfishPolymixia spp
VNew SpeciesScorpionfish Large-Headed ScorpionfishPontinus macrocephalus
VMarket name revisedJobfish or Snapper WenchmanPristipomoides aquilonaris
VVerncular Name Pink snapper addedJobfish or Snapper Crimson JobfishPristipomoides filamentosus
VNew SpeciesJobfish or Snapper Oblique-Banded SnapperPristipomoides zonatus
VNew speciesGoby Pointed-Tailed GobyPseudapocryptes elongates
VNew SpeciesTrevally White TrevallyPseudocaranx dentex
VNew Species Barb Pool BarbPuntius sophore
I(C)New SpeciesSpanner or Kona Crab Spanner CrabRanina ranina
VVernacular name  Walu addedOilfish OilfishRuvettus pretiosus
I(C)New SpeciesSlipper Lobster Blunt Slipper LobsterScyllarides squammosus
VCommon name change:Remove Yellow stripe scad  from vernacular nameJack or Trevally Yellowstripe ScadSelaroides leptolepis
VAdd Vernacular name: KampachiAmberjack Almaco JackSeriola rivoliana
VNew SpeciesWhiting Japanese SillagoSillago japonica 
VNew Species Barracuda Japanese BarracudaSphyraena japonica 
IAdd Common NameSquid or Calamari Purpleback Flying SquidSthenoteuthis oualaniensis
VNew SpeciesAnchovy Teri AnchovyStolephorus commersonnii 
INew Species Jellyfish Cannonball JellyfishStomolophus meleagris 
VNew Species Butterfish Southwest Atlantic butterfishStromateus brasiliensis
VScientific name change fromTrichogaster pectoralisGourami snake-skinned gouramiTrichopodus pectoralis
VNew SpeciesPomfret Golden PomfretXenobrama microlepis
INew SpeciesWrasse Razor WrasseXyrichtys spp.
VNew Species Tang Sailfin TangZebrasoma veliferum


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