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CBER Key Staff Directory

DIRECTORPeter W. Marks, MD, PhDWO-717232240-402-8000
fax 301-595-1310
Deputy DirectorCelia M. Witten, PhD, MDWO-717230240-402-8000
fax 301-595-1310
Special AssistantDebra EllisonWO-717234


Senior Scientist for Emerging & Pandemic Threat PreparednessDavid S. Cho, PhDWO-717246240-402-8036
fax 301-595-1310
Special AssistantGopa RaychaudhuriWO-717250240-402-8147
Associate Director for MedicineBarbara D. Buch, MDWO-717224240-402-8000
fax 301-595-1310
Associate Director for Quality AssuranceSheryl L. Lard-Whiteford, PhDWO-717240240-402-7912
fax 301-595-1310
Associate Director for PolicyDiane Maloney, JDWO-717242240-402-8113
fax 301-595-1310
Associate Director for ResearchCarolyn A. Wilson, PhDWO-716316240-402-6705
Associate Director for Review ManagementChristopher C. Joneckis, PhDWO-717334240-402-8083
fax 301-595-1311
Senior Science Advisor for Chemistry, Manufacturing, & Controls(Vacant)WO-717338240-402-8115
fax 301-595-1311
Senior Advisor for International AffairsJoan Wilmarth BlairWO-717226240-402-8022
fax 301-595-1310
Senior Advisor for Counterterrorism/Medical Countermeasures(Vacant)WO-717204240-402-8089
fax 301-595-1310
Executive Operations StaffDebra EllisonWO-717234240-402-8183
fax 301-595-1310
Document Control CenterRichard D. ThomasWO-71G104240-402-8386
fax 301-594-0149
Regulatory Information Management StaffHeather ErdmanWO-71 6324240-402-8055
DIRECTOR Steven A. Anderson, PhD, MPPWO-711220240-402-8577
Deputy DirectorTelba Z. Irony. PhDWO-711216301-796-6044
Associate Director for Risk AssessmentMark O. Walderhaug, PhDWO-711059240-402-8812
Associate Director for ResearchRichard A. Forshee, PhDWO-711226240-402-8631
Associate Director for PolicyJawahar Tiwari, PhDWO-711234240-402-8804
Associate Director for Regulatory AffairsAlan Williams, PhDWO-711236240-402-8448
Associate Director for Medical Policy(Vacant)WO-71  
Division of BiostatisticsJohn Scott, PhD(Acting)WO-711018240-402-8779
Deputy Division Director(Vacant)WO-71  
Vaccine Evaluation Branch(Vacant)WO-71  
Therapeutics Evaluation BranchBoguang Zhen, PhDWO-711240240-402-8844
Division of EpidemiologyScott Proestel, MDWO-711260240-402-0396
Deputy Division Director(Vacant)WO-71  
Pharmacovigilance BranchAdamma Mba-Jonas, MDWO-711027240-402-8713
Analytic Epidemiology BranchDeepa Arya, MDWO-711318240-402-6284
DIRECTOR Lorrie H. McNeillWO-714120240-402-7800 
Deputy DirectorSusan C. Frantz-BohnWO-713120240-402-7800
Division of Manufacturers Assistance and TrainingDonna L. LipscombWO-711008240-402-7800
Career Development and Directed Training BranchManen BishopWO-713133240-402-8019
Manufacturers Assistance & Technical Training BranchJeffrey AndersonWO-713128240-402-7800
Division of Disclosure and Oversight ManagementSuzann BurkWO-713126240-402-8028
Congressional and Oversight BranchChristopher JuengerWO-713110240-402-8086
Access Litigation & Freedom of Information BranchBeth Brockner-RyanWO-711114240-402-7800
Division of Communication and Consumer AffairsDiane BartellWO-714130240-402-7800
Communication Technology BranchKristin ShazorWO-713118240-402-7800
Consumer Affairs BranchWalter GardnerWO-713004240-402-7800
DIRECTOR Deirdre P. HusseyWO-716230240-402-7990
Deputy Director(Vacant)WO-716230240-402-7990
Special AssistantKaren GreenfieldWO-716232240-402-8068
Planning and Performance Management StaffMark Thompson(Acting)WO-716254240-402-8174
Division of Program ServicesDawn WhiteWO-716136240-402-3184
Assistant Director for SafetyMarisa Hickey (Acting)WO-716128240-402-7192
Program Operations BranchCaroline LeakeWO-716136301-796-4950
Program Services BranchJason P. RubinoWO-716130301-796-1948
Division of Budget and Resource ManagementMary Pat LearyWO-716260240-402-8108
Resource Management BranchMichael FischerWO-716252240-402-8014
Budget Analysis and Formulation BranchAngela GranumWO-716258240-402-0376
Division of Scientific Advisors & ConsultantsPrabhakara AtreyaWO-716306240-402-8006
Division of Veterinary ServicesJohn DennisWO-716262240-402-9474
DIRECTOR Nicole Verdun, MDWO-714230240-402-5100
Deputy DirectorAnne Eder, MD, PhD (Acting)WO-714037240-402-8398
Associate Director for ResearchChintamani D. Atreya, PhDWO-714236240-402-8009
Associate Director for Policy and CommunicationsJennifer B. Scharpf, MPHWO-714238240-402-8437
Associate Deputy Director for Quality AssuranceJoseph Giglio, MSWO-714242240-402-8295
Regulatory CounselMartin Ruta, PhDWO-714220240-402-8435
Special Assistant to the DirectorJacqueline Little, PhDWO-714237240-402-8416
Administrative StaffVacantWO-714218 
Regulatory Project Management StaffSonday Kelly, MSWO-714110240-402-8410
Division of Emerging & Transfusion Transmitted DiseasesHira Nakhasi, PhDWO-714038240-402-8209
Deputy DirectorPeyton (John) Hobson, PhDWO-714040301-796-5892
Associate Deputy Director for Medical Issues and Policy DevelopmentAnne Eder, MD, PhDWO-714037240-402-8398 
Associate Director for Regulatory PolicySayah Nedjar, PhDWO-714042240-402-8334
Product Review BranchDavid Leiby, PhDWO-714044240-402-5392
Laboratory of Bacterial & Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy AgentsDavid Asher, MDWO-52/724332240-402-9367
Laboratory of Molecular VirologyIndira K. Hewlett, PhDWO-52/724308240-402-9587
Laboratory of Emerging PathogensSanjai Kumar, PhDWO-52/725304240-402-9652
Division of Blood Components and DevicesOrieji Illoh, MDWO-714074240-402-8457
Deputy DirectorWendy Paul, MDWO-714074


Blood and Plasma BranchRichard McBride, MSWO-174066240-402-9220
Devices Review BranchTeresita C. MercadoWO-714072240-402-8420
Clinical Review StaffSalim Haddad, MDWO-714052240-402-9313
Laboratory of Cellular HematologyJaroslav G. Vostal, MD, PhDWO-52/724212240-402-8222
Laboratory of Biochemistry and Vascular BiologyAbdu Alayash, PhDWO-52/724106240-402-9350
DIRECTOR Marion F. Gruber, PhDWO-713230301-796-1856
Deputy DirectorPhillip R. Krause, MDWO-713234301-796-1862
Associate Director for ResearchKonstantin Chumakov, PhDWO-52/721128240-402-9440
Associate Director, Scientific AffairsErik A. Henchal, PhDWO-713242301-796-1853
Associate Director for Regulatory PolicyTheresa M. Finn, PhDWO-713236301-796-1859
Associate Director for Medical Policy & Vaccine SafetyKaren Farizo, MDWO-713238301-796-1448
Special Assistant for CommunicationMaureen A. Hess, MPHWO-713240301-796-1866
Special AssistantLinda H. ShoneWO-713226301-796-1864
Division of Viral ProductsJerry P. Weir, PhDWO-52/721306240-402-7473
fax 301-595-1070
Deputy DirectorRobin Levis, PhDWO-52/721208240-402-9665
Laboratory of Hepatitis VirusesMarian MajorWO-52/721210240-402-9720
Laboratory of Vector Borne DiseasesLewis J. Markoff, MDWO-52/725336240-402-9725
Laboratory of RetrovirusesHana Golding, PhDWO-714056240-402-8300
Laboratory of DNA VirusesKeith Peden, PhDWO-52/721220240-402-7312
Laboratory of Pediatric & Respiratory Viral DiseasesJerry P. Weir, PhD (Acting)WO-52/721306240-402-7473
Laboratory of Method DevelopmentSteven Rubin, PhDWO-52/721118240-402-7357
Laboratory of ImmunoregulationIra J. Berkower, MD, PhDWO52/721212240-402-9393
Division of Bacterial, Parasitic & Allergenic ProductsJay E. Slater, MDWO-52/723336240-402-7396
fax 301-595-1125
Deputy DirectorDrusilla Burns, PhDWO-52/723334240-402-9414
Laboratory of ImmunobiochemistryRonald L. Rabin, MDWO-52/723332240-402-7333
Laboratory of Bacterial PolysaccharidesWillie F. Vann, PhDWO-52/72G317240-402-7438
Laboratory of Mycobacterial Diseases & Cellular Immunology(Vacant)WO-52/725324240-402-9765
Laboratory of Respiratory & Special PathogensMichael Schmitt, PhDWO-52/723320240-402-7366
Laboratory of Enteric & Sexually Transmitted DiseasesEarl Stibitz, PhDWO-52/723304240-402-7401
Division of Vaccines & Related Products ApplicationsWellington Sun, MDWO-713056301-796-2640
fax 301-827-3532
Deputy DirectorLoris D. McVittie, PhDWO-713266301-796-2640
CMC Review
Branch 1
Jon Daugherty, PhDWO-713260301-796-2640
CMC Review
Branch 2
Rakesh Pandey, PhDWO-713248301-796-2640
CMC Review
Branch 3
Elizabeth M. Sutkowski, PhDWO-713050301-796-2640
Clinical Review
Branch 1
Jeffrey Roberts, MD (Acting)WO-713304301-796-2640
Clinical Review
Branch 2
Andrea Hulse (James)WO-713308301-796-2640
Review Management Support BranchLaraine S. HenchalWO-713264301-796-2640
DIRECTOR Mary Anne MalarkeyWO-715030240-402-9008
Deputy DirectorMelissa MendozaWO-715028301-796-8707
Special Assistant to the DirectorMona AtkinsonWO-715039301-796-4215
Special Assistant for OperationsKerry BrendelWO-715022240-402-8897
Associate Director for PolicyAnita F. RichardsonWO-715038240-402-9065
Associate Director for Regulatory PolicyDiane AlexanderWO-715042240-402-8877
Associate Director for Safety and CommunicationJean MakieWO-715040240-402-9007
Associate Director for BioinformaticsSujay Pandey, PhDWO-715050240-402-9043
Associate Director for Policy and LegislationTom AdamsWO-715044240-402-8873
Special Assistant for Imports & Product AvailabilityJoseph P. ManikWO-715046240-402-9010
Special Assistant for Manufacturing and PolicyLinda E. Silvers, DVM, MPHWO-715048240-402-9089
Division of Case ManagementRobert A. SausvilleWO-715004240-402-9076
Advertising & Promotional Labeling BranchLisa StockbridgeWO-715056240-402-9095
Biological Drug and Device Compliance BranchMaria AndersonWO-715072240-402-8883
Blood and Tissue Compliance BranchStephany J. KerstenWO-715068240-402-9115
Division of Inspections & SurveillanceCarrie MampillyWO-715128240-402-2973
Bioresearch Monitoring BranchDennis CatoWO-715136240-402-8906
Program Surveillance BranchJeremy WallyWO-715133240-402-7458
Division of Manufacturing and Product QualityJohn A. Eltermann, Jr., RPh, MSWO-716038240-402-9508
fax 301-595-1306
Deputy DirectorLaurie P. NorwoodWO-716046240-402-9778
Product Release BranchJoseph Quander, IIIWO-75G706240-402-7332
Manufacturing Review Branch ICarolyn A. RenshawWO-716042240-402-7343
Manufacturing Review Branch IIQiao BoboWO-716060240-402-9403
Application Review BranchJames CrimWO-716004240-402-9458
Division of Biological Standards and Quality ControlMaryna Eichelberger, PhDWO-75G646240-402-9505
Laboratory of Biochemistry, Virology and ImmunologyMuhammad Shahabuddin, PhDWO-75G664240-402-7370
Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry and Blood Related ProductsLokesh Bhattacharyya, PhDWO-75G702240-402-9399
Quality Assurance BranchSuzanne CarterWO-75G646240-402-9420
Laboratory of Microbiology, In-Vivo Testing and StandardsJames Kenney, DScWO-75G704240-402-9629
DIRECTOR Wilson Bryan, MDWO-715230


Deputy DirectorRachael Anatol, PhDWO-715234240-402-8249
Associate Director for ResearchSuzanne L. Epstein, PhDWO-52/723110240-402-9510
Associate Director for PolicyRichard D. McFarland, PhD, MDWO-715226240-402-8330

Associate Director for Policy (New Legislation)(Vacant)WO-71  
Associate Director for Information ManagementTheodore R. Stevens, MSWO-715074240-402-8357
Associate Director for Regulatory ManagementKimberly Benton, PhDWO-715324240-402-8258
Director Division of Regulatory Project ManagementRamani SistaWO-715328240-402-8354
Division of Cellular & Gene TherapiesRaj K. Puri, MD, PhDWO-715342240-402-9171
Deputy DirectorSteven Oh, PhDWO-715314240-402-8337 
Cell Therapies BranchMelanie Eacho, PhDWO-715326301-796-0122
Gene Therapies BranchDenise GavinWO-715328240-402-8291
Gene Transfer and Immunogenicity BranchAndrew Byrnes, PhDWO-52/723118240-402-9417
Tumor Vaccines and Biotechnology BranchRaj K. Puri, MD, PhD (Acting)WO-715342240-402-9171
Cellular and Tissue Therapy BranchSteven R. Bauer, PhDWO-52/723208240-402-9385
Division of Plasma Protein TherapeuticsBasil Golding, MDWO-714056240-402-8300
Deputy DirectorMahmood Farshid, PhDWO-714050240-402-8400
Hemostasis BranchTimothy K. Lee, PhD(Acting)WO-714028240-402-8415
Plasma Derivatives BranchDorothy Scott, MDWO-714214240-402-8236
Regulatory Project Management Branch IPatrick Riggins, PhDWO-715236240-402-8346
Regulatory Project Management Branch IIPatrick Riggins, PhD(Acting)WO-715236240-402-8346
Division of Clinical Evaluation & Pharmacology / ToxicologyTejashri Purohit-Sheth, MDWO-715310301-796-3402
Deputy DirectorIlan Irony, MDWO-715304240-402-8312
General Medicine Branch IIlan Irony, MD (Acting)WO-715304240-402-8312
General Medicine Branch IILei Xu, MD, PhDWO-714325240-402-8372
Pharmacology / Toxicology Branch IMercedes Serabian, MSWO-715313240-402-8349
Pharmacology / Toxicology Branch IIBecky Robinson-Zeigler, PhDWO-715323301-796-6532
Clinical Hematology BranchBindu George, MDWO-714312240-402-8292
Oncology BranchKe Liu, MDWO-714264240-402-8325
Division of Human TissuesScott BrubakerWO-715210240-402-8319
Human Tissue and Reproduction BranchPing He, MDWO-715212240-402-9327


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