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Improving Vaccine Manufacturing Evaluation for Bacterial Respiratory Pathogens

Principal Investigator: Drusilla L. Burns, PhD
Office / Division / Lab: OVRR / DBPAP / LRSP

General Overview

CBER is responsible for ensuring that the vaccines that are made available to the public are safe, pure, and potent. In order to do this, a solid understanding of the science of vaccines is required. Knowledge of both pathogenic mechanisms and host response is essential for proper regulation of vaccines since this knowledge allows us to identify the features of vaccine antigens that are critical to ensure safe and effective vaccines.

The research in this Laboratory Section supports the specific regulatory responsibilities of the individuals of the section which include review of pertussis, anthrax and Staphylococcal aureus vaccine regulatory submissions by providing us with knowledge about how Bordetella pertussis, Bacillus anthracis, and Staphylococcus aureus cause disease as well how the host immune response controls infection and disease.

These studies provide new scientific tools and knowledge required to support the manufacturing and clinical evaluation of pertussis, anthrax, and S. aureus vaccines. The program also develops and evaluates in-process tests and vaccine lot release tests, including stability tests, as well as clinical serological assays that measure antibody levels for evaluation of vaccines.

Scientific Overview

We use biochemical, genetic and molecular biological techniques to study pathogenesis and host response and to further characterize vaccine components, especially those for pertussis, anthrax, and S. aureus vaccines. We are also using these techniques to analyze and quantify the host immune response to infection and vaccination.

Primarily, these techniques include SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, immunoblot analysis, and recombinant DNA techniques to better understand the role of bacterial virulence factors-especially toxins and adhesins, in disease.

The program also develops and evaluates in-process tests and vaccine lot release tests, including stability tests, as well as clinical serological assays that measure antibody levels for evaluation of vaccines.


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