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The FDA Tobacco Education Resource Library Offers Free Tobacco Education Materials

The FDA Tobacco Education Resource Library can help you keep your community informed about tobacco-related issues.

What is the FDA Tobacco Education Resource Library?  

The Tobacco Education Resource Library, run by FDA's Center for Tobacco Products (CTP), provides free print materials, web content, and social media posts to help keep communities informed about tobacco-related issues. We offer a wide variety of science-based content focused on public health education, tobacco research, retailer information, and tobacco regulations and compliance.  

In the Tobacco Education Resource Library, you can:

The Risks of Vaping magazine image

Smoking Cessation Education Posters

Smoking cessation education posters are available on the Tobacco Education Resource Library. The posters use a positive, motivational tone to support smokers on their journey to quit cigarettes, while underscoring the health benefits of quitting. 

Posters are available in English and Spanish for diverse audiences, including LGBTQI+ smokers. 

Learn how to request co-branding of free materials

Free Materials - Learn how to request materials from the FDA.

Content Available in Spanish 

Do you need to reach Spanish-speaking audiences with information about the dangers of tobacco use? A number of our print materials, including popular posters and flyers, are offered in Spanish. 

CTP Exchange Lab posters

Posters, Images, and…Games?!

Not only is the Tobacco Education Resource Library chock full of posters, flyers, images and infographics to help you educate your stakeholders about the harms of tobacco, but now you can get two newly available tobacco education games to put on your website. 

Tooth Takedown Game

Tooth Take Down game

Teach visitors to your site how smoking can damage their teeth by playing the interactive Tooth Takedown Game. The game simulates gum disease and tooth loss caused by smoking cigarettes.

Brain Escape Game

Brain Escape game

Visitors to your site will learn about the impact nicotine has on their brain every time they smoke cigarettes. Through playing the Brain Escape Game, they’ll try to avoid the nicotine in this interactive game. 

Get Started

If you want to stay up on the latest free tobacco education materials from the Tobacco Education Resource Library, make sure you register for resource library updates

It is our goal to provide free tobacco education materials to you in an easy and effective manner so we can join you in keeping your community informed. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.

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