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To protect the public health of the U.S. population from tobacco-related death and disease, FDA provides information about tobacco products and the dangers they pose to the public. 

Educating the public, especially youth, about the risks of using tobacco products, is a critical part of FDA’s public health mission. FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products offers many educational resources such as:  

  • Information on the health effects of tobacco use: Key facts on how smoking affects heart health, the consequences of smoking on your lungs and why nicotine makes all tobacco products so hard to quit. 
  • Award-winning public health education campaigns: Facts, data and key information on FDA’s efforts to reach intended audiences.
  • How tobacco impacts our nation’s youth: Information about FDA’s efforts to reduce youth tobacco use in the U.S.
  • Free digital and print tobacco education materials: Posters, flyers, web content and other resources for parents, teachers and organizations. 

Free Tobacco and Vaping Prevention and Cessation Materials at FDA's Tobacco Education Resource Library

Free Materials - Learn how to request materials from the FDA.

FDA has educational materials and resources for local organizations on youth tobacco prevention and adult cessation efforts: 

Youth on bleachers vaping

Access free resources for teachers, students, and parents to learn more about the dangers of vaping nicotine. Visit the: 

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