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Event Title
The Rise of Point of Care Manufacturing: The Mayo Clinic Experience
September 24, 2020

September 24, 2020

Yale University – Mayo Clinic CERSI

Presented By

Matthew Porteus, MD, PhD - picture

Jonathan M. Morris, MD
Consultant, Department of Radiology
Mayo Clinic

About the Presentation

Over the last 13 years, the Mayo Clinic has developed a robust in-hospital manufacturing facility utilizing 3D printing for complex patient specific pathologies and custom sterilizable patient-matched osteotomy guides. There has been a significant increase over the last 5 years in the number of hospital systems across the US that have deployed various sizes of manufacturing capabilities. Due to a combination of increased computing power, improved cross sectional imaging, and faster, more reliable additive manufacturing machines, a new medical specialty has emerged in which the physician has gained the ability to become the manufacturer of select goods. In this lecture, we discussed the challenges and benefits of manufacturing at the point of care, the current regulatory landscape, the involvement of national radiological societies in 3D printing, and the current status of insurance reimbursement. We also discussed the collaborative multidisciplinary relationships that have developed between physicians, the traditional medical manufacturing community, and the manufacturing engineering societies.

About the Presenter

Dr. Jonathan M. Morris is a Consultant in the Department of Radiology at The Mayo Clinic. He received his M.D. at Howard University College of Medicine, completed an internship at Washington Hospital Center, a research fellowship at National Institutes of Health, and his radiology and neuroradiology fellowships at Mayo Clinic. He is a Board Certified Radiologist, CAQ Neuroradiologist and Director of the 3D Printing Anatomic Modeling Lab at the Mayo Clinic. His expertise is in the use of point of care 3D printing/additive manufacturing for preoperative planning and custom surgical guides. Additionally, Dr. Morris is focused on the development and deployment of extended realities, virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR), in medical education, intraoperative guidance, and medical capital equipment training. Clinically, he focuses on minimally invasive thermal ablation of tumors in the neuroaxis.


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