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iRES Help - Quick Search (EDITABLE)

Use Quick Search to perform a broad search for a single word—or combinations of words—pertaining to recalls. For example:

  1. To retrieve results containing ALL words in the phrase red blood cells enter the search term: red blood cells. Results containing all of  these words anywhere in the record, in any order.
  2. To retrieve results containing the EXACT phrase match for ABC Company Limited, enter the search term in double quotes: “ABC Company Limited”.
  3. To retrieve results containing EITHER chicken salad OR egg salad, enter the search terms in double quotes: “chicken salad” OR “egg salad”.
  4. To retrieve results containing fresh frozen plasma AND orange cross blood bank, enter the search terms in double quotes: “fresh frozen plasma” AND “orange cross blood bank”.
  5. To search by DATE, enter date in the format “mm/dd/yyyy” with double quotes: "08/14/2017".


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