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The FDA shares regulatory responsibilities for cell phones with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Under the law, the FDA is responsible for, among other things:

  • Consulting with other federal agencies on techniques and programs for testing and evaluating electronic product radiation.
    • For example, the FDA provides scientific input and expertise to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC sets limits on the emissions of radio frequency energy by cell phones and similar wireless products.
  • Collecting, analyzing, and making available scientific information on the nature and extent of the hazards and control of electronic product radiation.
    • For example, the FDA provides information for the public about the radio frequency energy emitted by cell phones.

Sub-Topic Paragraphs


Children and Teens and Cell Phones

The scientific evidence does not show a danger to users of cell phones from radio frequency exposure, including children and teenagers.


Hearing Aids and Cell Phones

People with hearing aids or implanted hearing devices may experience some difficulties when trying to use cell phones.

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