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Tofu Yu, LLC

Tofu Yu, LLC

United States


United States

Tofu Yu, LLC - 2618 8th Street - Berkeley CA  94710
Phone: 510-204-9090 - Fax: 510-204-9097 - www.tofuyo.com

January 2, 2017
Lawton W. Lum
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
San Francisco District
1431 Harbor Bay parkway
Alameda, CA 94502
Reference: CMS# 5123233
Dear Mr. Lum,
Our response to your Warning Letter dated December 22, 2016, listing violations, are as follows:
1.a. The stained pitcher has been replaced with a new pitcher. See Photo 1.a.
1.b. The plastic tofu shape-maker has been cleaned of all dark yellow residue. See Photo 1.b.
1.c. The tofu press plate has been cleaned of all dark yellow dried residue. See Photo 1.c
1.d The rice tortilla making equipment has been thoroughly cleaned of all residue. See Photo 1.d.
1.e The wooden cutting board has been thoroughly cleaned. We have new plastic cutting matt. See Photo 1.e.
2.  All tofu products on shelves in the Cooler boxes have been covered with plastic wrap. See Photos 2a, 2b & 2c
3.  We have hung flying pest control strips throughout the facility to control pests. See Photo 3
4.  All persons working in direct contact with food, food contact surfaces and food-packaging materials have been instructed to conform to strict hygienic practices of washing hands on an ongoing basis.
The “Spicy Tortilla Wrap” label has been revised. See copy of label enclosed herein.
We have thoroughly cleaned the entire facility.
Kevin E. Stong, Co-Owner/President
Tofu Yu LLC


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