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  1. Produce & Plant Products Guidance Documents & Regulatory Information

Commodity Specific Food Safety Guidelines for the Lettuce and Leafy Greens Supply Chain - 1st Edition

April 25, 2006

FDA is posting this industry information as a service to industry, consumers, the media, and other interested parties.

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This document was prepared by members of the lettuce/leafy greens industry from farm to table (International Fresh-Cut Produce Association, Produce Marketing Association, United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association, Western Growers).

For more information contact:

International Fresh-cut Produce Association
Attn: David Gombas, Ph.D., Vice President Technical Services
1600 Duke Street Suite 440 Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: 703.299.6282 Email: DGombas@fresh-cuts.org

Produce Marketing Association
Attn: Kathy Means, CAE, Vice President, Government Relations
P.O. Box 6036 Newark, DE 19714-6036
Tel: 302.738.7100 Email: kmeans@pma.com

United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association
Attn: James Gorny, Ph.D., VP Quality Assurance & Technology
1901 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 1100 Washington, DC 20006
Tel: 202.303.3400 Email: jgorny@uffva.org

Western Growers
Attn: Hank Giclas, Vice President, Science and Technology
P.O. Box 2130 Newport Beach, CA 92658
Tel: 949.885.2205 Email: HGiclas@wga.com

Special thanks to all of the trade associations and individuals who helped in developing this guidance.


Greatest appreciation is expressed to the people who have contributed to this first edition. These guidelines in their 1st edition were developed under the coordination and leadership of:

James R. Gorny, Ph.D., UFFVA , Editor-In-Chief 1st Edition
Hank Giclas, WGA, Co-Editor 1st Edition
David Gombas, Ph.D., IFPA, Co-Editor 1st Edition
Kathy Means, PMA, Co-Editor 1st Edition

1st Edition Contributors and Reviewers::

  • Roger Becker, Gold Coast Packing Inc.
  • Jim Brennan, Alliance of Technical Professionals
  • Patrick Collins, Dole Fresh Vegetables
  • Will Daniels, Earthbound Farm
  • Donna Garren, Ph.D., National Restaurant Assoc.
  • Zizi Gibbs, Mann Packing
  • Phil Gilardi, Freshway Foods
  • Amy Green, U.S. FDA CFSAN
  • James Gorny, Ph.D. UFFVA
  • Wendell Hahn, Four Seasons Produce, Inc.
  • Brett Harrell, The Nunes Company, Inc.
  • Gene Harris, Denny's
  • Toni Hofer, Raleys
  • Merry Holliday-Hanson, Ph.D. CA Dept. Health Services
  • Jill Hollingsworth, DVM Food Marketing Institute
  • Dan Ivory, Minyard Food Stores
  • Michele Jay-Russell, DVM, MPVM, CA Dept. Health Services
  • John Jackson, Beachside Produce
  • Joe Jordan, Publix
  • Patrick Kelly, Grimmway Farms
  • Bruce Knobeloch, River Ranch Fresh Foods
  • Mahipal Kunduru, Ph.D., Dole Fresh Vegetables
  • Tom Lovelace, R.C. McEntire
  • Drew McDonald, Taylor Farms
  • Kate McDonald, Bonipak/ Betteravia Farms
  • Kay Mercer, S. SLO & SB Co. Ag Watershed Coalition
  • Gurmail Mudahar, Ph.D., Tanimura & Antle
  • Carol Myers, CA Dept. Health Services
  • Jerry Noland, Safeway
  • Mary Palumbo, Ph.D. CA Dept. Health Services
  • Chad Parker, Condies Foods, Inc
  • Anne Pauly, River Ranch Fresh Foods
  • Bill Pool, Wegmans
  • Ed Pohlman, Schnuck Markets, Inc.
  • Roger Roeth, Freshway Foods
  • Joan Rosen, Fresh Express
  • Todd Rossow, Publix
  • Colby Rubbo, Costa Farms
  • Bill Scepansky, Four Seasons Produce, Inc.
  • Vicki Scott, Amigo Farms
  • Michelle Smith, Ph.D. U.S. FDA CFSAN
  • Trevor Suslow, Ph.D. University of California
  • Alan Temple, B & W Quality Growers, Inc.
  • Jennifer Tong, UFFVA (Emeritus)
  • Maurice W. Totty, Foodbuy
  • Robert Whitaker, Ph.D. NewStar Fresh Foods
  • Benson Yee, CA Dept. Health Services
  • Devon Zagory, Ph.D., Davis Fresh Technologies
  • Brian Zomorodi, Ready Pac Produce, Inc.


  • Angela Bezon, UFFVA
  • Gladys Hunt, PMA

The aforementioned acknowledgments of individual persons and the organizations that these individual are currently affiliated with does not imply endorsement nor approval of this document in its entirely or in part by these individual persons or the organizations listed. The document is a publication of the IFPA, PMA, UFFVA and WGA, who bear sole responsibility for its contents.

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