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Pesticide Residue Monitoring 2016 Report and Data

Welcome to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Pesticide Residue Monitoring Report and Data for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016. The report summarizes the results of FDA’s pesticide monitoring program for FY 2016. Results in the report demonstrate that levels of pesticide residues in the U.S. food supply are well below established safety standards.

2016 Report (PDF: 484 KB)

The 2016 report is derived from the pesticide residue data provided in the original analytical sample data file (SampleData2016.txt). Three statistical summary files (Product2016.txt, Chemical2016.txt, and CountryProductResidue2016.txt) are also provided. Additionally, six other reference files are included: MethodScope2016.txt, ProdCode.txt, ExtCode.txt, DetCode.txt, Country.txt, and Chemical.txt.

All files must be downloaded for further use. No online search capability is available for these files. The following data files represent only the samples that were analyzed as part of the FDA regulatory pesticide residue monitoring program in FY 2016; no data from the Total Diet Study are included.

File Name Size Decompressed File(s) Size Records File Definition
Analytical Data File
SampleData2016.zip 485 KB SampleData2016.txt 6,832 KB 28,192 2016 analytical data for each individual sample, as entered by FDA field analysts
Statistical Summary Files
Product2016.zip 22 KB Product2016.txt 132 KB 1,455 2016 summary file by country/food product combination (without regard to pesticide)
Chemical2016.zip 447 KB Chemical2016.txt 5,069 KB 73,702 2016 summary file by country/pesticide combination (without regard to product)
CountryProductResidue2016.zip 6,139 KB CountryProductResidue2015.txt 136,506 KB 967,181 2016 detailed data by country/food product/pesticide combinations
Reference Files
ReferenceFiles2016.zip 92 KB ProdCode.txt 374 KB 7,753 Reference list of product codes, product description and classification
    ExtCode.txt 4 KB 59 Reference list of method extraction codes and descriptions
    DetCode.txt 2 KB 31 Reference list of method detector codes and descriptions
    Country.txt 3 KB 155 Reference list of countries from which samples are collected
    Chemical.txt 18 KB 822 Reference list of pesticide chemical codes and names
    MethodScope2016.txt 130 KB 4,094 2016 list of pesticides covered by analytical methods used by FDA

The sizes of compressed and expanded files are approximate and are provided so the user can estimate download times and disk space requirements. Information on the structure and content of the data files are described in the User's Manual (PDF: 144 KB).


To report access problems, contact Fred Fry, frederick.fry@fda.hhs.gov.

To comment on the Pesticide Monitoring Database content or request further information, contact Chris Sack, chris.sack.@fda.hhs.gov.

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