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Preventing Listeriosis In Pregnant Hispanic Women in the U.S.

Spanish (Español)

Community Educator's Guide to a Serious Foodborne Risk

When pregnant women eat Mexican-style soft cheeses, they are putting their unborn babies at risk!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has developed a program that contains everything you need to educate your community on preventing listeriosis in pregnant Hispanic women in the United States. The program contains the following tools and materials in English-and Spanish-language versions:

  • Media Materials (PDF: 1.3MB)
    • Getting Started: How to Get the Media and Community Interested in Your Message
    • Getting the Word Out Through Media
    • Listeriosis and the Hispanic Community Backgrounder
    • Matte Article: The Danger of Eating Queso Fresco Made From Unpasteurized Milk
    • Listeriosis: Frequently Asked Questions
    • Glossary of Terms
  • Customizable Media Materials (Word Doc: 1.2MB)
    • Pitch Letter
    • Press Release
    • Getting the Word Out: Using Digital Marketing, and Social Media or Radio Spots

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