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Inventory of Color Additives

The Regulatory Status of Color Additives inventory lists the status of color additives for use in foods, drugs, cosmetics, and certain medical devices in the U.S. The list includes color additives permanently listed and those that once were provisionally listed, but then removed from the list (“delisted”) and no longer permitted for use. The inventory does not contain colorants permitted for use in food contact or packaging materials.

The inventory provides the following information about any color additive:

  • Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Registry® Number for the color additive or a numerical code assigned by the FDA to those color additives that do not have a CAS Reg. Number.
  • Name of the color additive.
  • Status of whether a color additive is permanently listed, provisionally listed, or delisted. Only those color additives identified as permanently or provisionally listed are permitted for the indicated use. Delisted color additives are not permitted for any use.
  • Use(s) of the color additive. For example, whether it is used in foods, drugs, devices or cosmetics.
  • Link to the federal regulation for the color additive.

This inventory will be updated periodically as amendments are made to the color additive regulations.


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