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Vibrio Vulnificus Health Education Kit - FDA Letter to Health Educators

How To Get The Media And Community Interested In Your Message

Dear Health Educator,

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is seeking your participation in educating consumers in your community about the dangers of eating raw Gulf oysters. These oysters may be contaminated with the bacteria Vibrio vulnificus that can cause serious illness or death. Of particular concern is the Hispanic community since raw oysters are a favorite food among Hispanics, especially Hispanic males. In the last two years, nine Hispanic men died as a result if eating raw oysters contaminated with the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria that lives in the waters of the Gulf coast.

It is imperative to inform these high-risk individuals not to eat raw oysters, and to only eat oysters that have been thoroughly cooked. This campaign needs to begin as soon as possible because as the weather gets warmer the amount of bacteria in the water increases.

What can you do? The answers lie in this electronic Vibrio vulnificus education kit which has been designed to assist organizations in conducting state and local campaigns. Developed for flexible use, this kit provides both media and consumer education materials in English and Spanish that can be tailored to your particular area. Please take a moment to look through the materials, including a ready-to-use planning timeline, and make a commitment to include this information in your education plans for 2004.

Thank you for your help.

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