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FDA Engagement with American Indian and Alaska Native Tribal Governments

FDA understands the importance of collaboration and consultation, as appropriate, with federally-recognized tribal governments, per HHS Consultation Policy, and Executive Order 13175. FDA respects tribal sovereignty and honors the government-to-government relationship we have with federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native tribes.

FDA Intergovernmental Affairs Staff

The FDA Intergovernmental Affairs (IGA) staff, within the Office of the Commissioner's Office of Policy, Planning, Legislation, and Analysis, is the FDA liaison to States and Indian Tribes and the staff's mission is to facilitate communication regarding FDA policy initiatives as they relate to Tribal, State, and local governments.  In addition, some FDA Centers have staff that may work directly with Indian Tribes in coordination with the FDA IGA staff.

Contact: IGA@fda.hhs.gov

FDA Tribal Consultation Policy

On December 22, 2016, the Food and Drug Administration announced the availability of the FDA Tribal Consultation Policy. The FDA Tribal Consultation Policy is intended to further the government-to-government relationship between FDA and American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes and to facilitate tribal consultation with FDA. The policy provides background on FDA’s mission and organizational structure and elaborates on the principles and guidelines in the HHS Tribal Consultation Policy. This policy finalizes the draft FDA Tribal Consultation Policy, which was made available for comment and consultation in February 2016.

Please contact the FDA Intergovernmental Affairs Staff with any questions.

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