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Prescription Drug Advertising | Questions to Ask Yourself

Think about the following questions when you see an ad for a prescription drug. Also, think about asking these questions when you talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a drug.

  • What condition does this drug treat?
  • Why do I think that I might have this condition?
  • If I have the condition, am I part of the population the drug is approved to treat?
  • Should I take this drug if I have a certain condition?
  • Should I take this drug if I am taking certain other drugs?
  • Which of the drug's possible side effects am I concerned about?
  • How will this drug affect other drugs I am taking?
  • Will foods, beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), vitamins, or other supplements affect how this drug works?
  • Are there other drugs that treat my condition?
  • Is there a less costly drug I could use to treat my condition?
  • What else can I do to help deal with my condition? For example, should I exercise or change my diet?
  • Do other drugs for my condition have different side effects?
  • How can I learn more about this condition and this drug?

Note: This website does not purport to set forth all the ways in which an ad may violate the law, but rather to explain to the public some of the basic concepts related to drug advertising. 

This site was developed as a collaborative effort between FDA and EthicAd to educate consumers about DTC prescription drug advertisements. 

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