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Generic Drug Research Collaboration Opportunities

The FDA Office of Generic Drugs implements the GDUFA Regulatory Science Research Program by collaborating within FDA as well as externally through grants or contracts. 



  • RFA-FD-21-013 - PBPK Models to Aid the Development of Generic Dermatological Products
  • RFA-FD-21-012 - PBPK Models of Oral Absorption to Simulate the Results of Bioequivalence Studies
  • RFA-FD-21-014 - Development of methods for evaluating the impact of small design differences in the user interface of drug-device combination products on generic substitutability
  • RFA-FD-21-015 - CFD Models to aid the development of generic inhalation products
  • RFA-FD-21-016 - Development of advanced analytical methods for the characterization of complex generics
  • RFA-FD-21-018 - Quantify the expression of metabolizing enzymes and transporter proteins in lung, eye and skin tissue in relevant animal models and humans
  • RFA-FD-21-021 - Renewal - Elucidating Sensorial and Functional Characteristics of Topical Formulations
  • RFA-FD-21-027 - Development of a model selection method for population pharmacokinetics analysis by deep-learning based reinforcement learning (U01)

ORISE Fellowships

Currently open Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) fellowship announcements:

Other Collaboration Opportunities

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