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What's New in Drugs@FDA


March 15, 2012

  1. New "Label Info" column on Overview page.  [Figure 1]
    A new column tells you one screen earlier if a labels are available for applications with identical drug names. You can click on "Label Available" to go directly to the Label and Approval History page.
  2. Easier Month and Year selection in "Drug Approval Reports by Month."
    You can now use a dropdown menu to select the month or year instead of typing. 
  3. Want to mail someone a link to your search results? Use the new "Email link" icon.  [Figure 2]
    Clicking the icon opens a new message in your default email client.  It supplies the subject "A Link from Drugs@FDA" and supplies a URL for you to copy or send. When you later click on the URL, you will get the current information for that search, which may have changed in the meantime.
  4. Want to download results to a spreadsheet? Use the new "Download data" icon.   [Figure 3]
    By clicking the "Download data" icon you can save or open a table as a CSV (comma separated values) format for Excel or other applications. This feature is available on the following pages:

    • Label and Approval History (You can download the Approval History.)
    • Therapeutic Equivalents 
    • Other OTC Drugs with the Same Active Ingredient, Strength and Dosage Form/Route
    • Drug Approval Reports by Month


    Figure 1.  New "Label Info" column on Overview page

       Label Info column on Overview pages


    Figure 2.   New "Email link" icon

      Drugs@FDA New

    Figure 3.    New  "Download data" icon

       Drugs@FDA's Download data feature with new icon circled >

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