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2023 Recalls - Health Fraud

The list below provides information gathered from press announcements and other public notices about certain recalls of health fraud* - related products regulated by FDA. For all FDA recalls, click here.

Date Brand Name Product Description Reason/Problem Company Name
12/15/2023 Citi Trade Int’l Limited Notoginseng Formula Special Gout Granule Undeclared Diclofenac and Dexamethasone 8th Avenue Pharmacy
12/13/2023 Himalayan Tea Undeclared Diclofenac and Dexamethasone WS Global, Inc.
11/29/2023 Magnum Magnum Male Sexual Enhancement XXL 9800 capsule Undeclared Sildenafil Meta Herbal
11/21/2023 Noah’s Wholesale, LLC - The Rock Drugs Undeclared Sildenafil Noah’s Wholesale, LLC
11/15/2023 Dr. Ergin’s SugarMD Advanced Glucose Support, Dietary Supplement Undeclared Glyburide and Metformin SugarMDs, LLC
11/14/2023 Kuka Flex Forte, Capletas, Artri King, tabletas and Reumo Flex Drugs Undeclared Diclofenac Botanical-Be
09/05/2023 WEFUN Drugs Undeclared Sildenafil Hua Da Trading Inc dba Wefun Inc
08/30/2023 Todorganic Natural Products Nuez De La India Seeds Possible Health Risk-Contain cardiac glycosides Todorganic, Inc.
04/27/2023 TruvyTruVisionreFORM Various Dietary Supplement Capsules Unapproved Hordenine and octodrine/DMHA (1,5-dimethylhexylamine) TruVision Health
04/26/2023 Pro Power Knight Plus, NUX, Dynamite Super Drugs Undeclared tadalafil and sildenafil Gadget Island, Inc.
03/08/2023 Dr Rima Recommends Dr Rima Recommends Nano Silver 10ppm dietary supplement Product makes unsubstantiated health claims to prevent, treat, or cure COVID-19 Natural Solutions Foundation
02/13/2023 PrimeZEN PrimeZEN Black 6000 male enhancement capsules Undeclared tadalafil and sildenafil Volt Candy
*The FDA defines health fraud as the deceptive promotion, advertising, distribution, or sale of a product represented as being effective to prevent, diagnose, treat, cure or lessen an illness or condition, or provide another beneficial effect on health, but that has notbeen scientifically proven safe and effective for such purposes.
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