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Public Master Files (PMFs) Supporting Applications for Minor Use and Minor Species Drugs

Public Master Files are files that contain publicly available studies or other non-proprietary information. This information is intended to support drug approvals, often for minor use or minor species drugs. PMFs are established to provide access to this information and to enable public partners to share resources. Multiple sponsors can use these studies to support their approvals.

Each PMF includes public studies that may support a New Animal Drug Application (NADA) or supplemental NADA when used in conjunction with a pharmaceutical sponsor’s Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) section, labeling section, and any other technical sections not complete in the PMF. Typically, a PMF includes the technical sections supporting effectiveness, target animal safety, human food safety, and environmental impact.

The proprietary data submitted to complete an NADA package remains confidential in the sponsor’s own file. Such data are not part of the PMF.

PMFs are also used to support the approval of drugs for major use and major species.

Note: Studies described and referenced in Public Master Files or otherwise listed in these tables are intended to support, or have supported, new animal drug approvals. With the passage of time, or due to changes in requirements, some studies recorded here may no longer be sufficient to support a new approval.

Public Master Files (PMFs) supporting approved New Animal Drug Applications (NADAs)

Public Master Files (PMFs) in development

Latest Public Master File Additions


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