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  1. Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) Notification Program

Animal Food GRAS Notice Description

The inventory of GRAS notices for animal food provides the following information about GRAS notices filed within each year since 2010, when CVM received its first GRAS notice:

  • The name of the substance
  • The file number (AGRN No.) that FDA has assigned to the notice
  • A hyperlink to the letter that FDA sent in response to the notice. 
  • The species
  • The intended conditions of use of the substance

The file number for each GRAS notice also serves as a hyperlink to additional information corresponding to the GRAS notice certification (21 CFR 570.225(c)), including the following information, which FDA will make readily accessible to the public:

  • The name of the person who made the GRAS conclusion (notifier)
  • The notifier’s address
  • The statutory basis for the GRAS conclusion

Additional information includes:

  • The date when FDA filed the notice
  • When applicable, a hyperlink to additional correspondence that FDA has issued regarding the animal food GRAS notice
  • After closure, a hyperlink to the notice itself

Persons interested in obtaining additional data and information in the notice may obtain a copy of those data and information that are disclosable by requesting the information under the Freedom of Information Act.

We will update this information approximately monthly.

To comment on the GRAS notice inventory content or request further information, contact AskCVM@fda.hhs.gov.

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