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Meet the CVM Animal Pals

This is Lightning, a trusty, fast steed.
We ensure the safety of his animal feed.

gray cartoon horse

Curly is a pig who likes to do tricks.
We approve the drugs she gets when she's sick.

pink cartoon pig

This is Mozart, he meows all day.
The flea collar on his neck is registered at the EPA
(Environmental Protection Agency).

gray cartoon cat

This dog is Jazz, but some call him Slick.
Don’t feed him chocolate or he’ll get really sick.

brown cartoon dog

Thunder is strong, and big as a tree.
We help to ensure he won’t get BSE
(Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy).

brown cartoon cow

Buttercup has an udder that's smooth as silk.
We set limits on how much drug can end up in her milk.

black and white cartoon cow

Rusty the rooster doesn't like to be mocked.
The USDA regulates the vaccines that keep illness out of his flock.

cartoon chicken

Bubbles the fish swims in a school.
She’s a minor species, now isn’t that cool?

green cartoon fish

Illustrations by: Christine Applewhite

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