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Sweets Are Not Good Treats

First Place Winner, 2011 Blue Pencil Award from the National Association of Government Communicators (Special Purpose Product)

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I like chocolate

It’s very, very sweet

I like chocolate

It’s a tasty, tasty treat

A boy eating chocolate and walking with his dog; the chocolate shop is in the background.

I like dogs

The short, fat, and tall

Young, old, in-between

I surely like them all

A boy surrounded by six dogs, all a different breed.

I have a dog

His name is Nick

I gave him some chocolate

And he got very, very sick

A boy standing next to a sick dog in a dog bed.

Nick did recover

And is still with us today

But I’ll never give him chocolate

Not ever, no way

A boy and his dog leaving the animal hospital.

Dogs and chocolate

Are a bad combination

If you want to give a treat

Take them on vacation

A dog wearing sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt sitting on the beach enjoying a drink and a dog bone.

Illustrations by Jim Nuttle



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