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  1. Scientific Internships, Fellowships / Trainees and Non-U.S. Citizens

Device Evaluation Intern Program (CDRH)

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH)
Office of Product Evaluation and Quality (OPEQ)
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20993

Contact: Artillya Maxwell
Email: artillya.maxwell@fda.hhs.gov
Immediate Office, Operations Staff
Office of Product Evaluation and Quality
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
White Oak Campus, Bldg. 66
Silver Spring, Maryland 20993

Number of Intern Positions: 4-5

Dates of Internship: Year-round

Application Deadline: Flexible - All applicants are encouraged to apply for the Federal Pathways Program through vacancy announcements listed on www.usajobs.gov. Please include a cover letter summarizing your interests in the medical device area.
Applicants are encouraged to visit the following websites for information regarding:

Student, Fellowship, and Senior Scientist Programs

This website includes information regarding the Federal Pathways Program which is specifically designed to facilitate the hiring of students and recent college graduates.

Student Volunteer Service Program (SVSP)

Compensation: Unpaid (may receive academic credit)


So, you are thinking of spending a semester or summer vacation in the Washington Metropolitan area. This may be one of the best and most exciting decisions of your career if you are considering an internship with OPEQ. Our Intern Program can be a challenging and rewarding experience for individuals interested in pursuing careers in the fields of science, engineering, and/or medicine. You will be given the opportunity to test your educational interests in a practical work environment, gain entry level professional "real work" experience, work alongside some the Agency's top healthcare authorities, establish professional contacts and most importantly, have a learning experience of a lifetime. Although most interns work for OPEQ during the summer, we accept a limited number of interns for Fall and Spring semester positions.


The Office Product Evaluation and Quality (OPEQ), Center for Devices and Radiological Health, is a component of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a regulatory agency that is responsible for the review of new medical devices to determine their safety and effectiveness prior to their introduction to the marketplace. Examples of medical devices include surgical lasers, breast implants, condoms, artificial joints and prosthetics, invitro diagnostic kits, MRI, lithotripters, artificial heart valves and artificial hearts.

OPEQ plans, conducts, and coordinates Center actions regarding approval, denial, and withdrawal of approval of Premarket approval applications (PMAs), product development protocols (PDPs), and investigational device exemptions (IDEs); makes substantially equivalent determinations for premarket notification submissions (510(k)’s); and monitors sponsors conformance with requirements of all programs. ODE also coordinates Center classification activities, reviews petitions for or initiates reclassification of medical devices, provides executive secretariat and other technical support to medical device advisory panels, and conducts continuing review, surveillance, and medical evaluation of the labeling, clinical experience, and required reports submitted by sponsors of approved applications.


The intern will perform all or some of the following duties:

Obtain and review technical literature or data to determine the safety, efficacy, and degree of risk to the public health of medical devices;

Perform administrative duties associated with device submissions, write minutes of technical and administrative discussions held between division personnel, industry, and management;

Assist senior reviewers in obtaining and reviewing technical data and material related to medical device submissions (510(k)s, IDEs, and PMAs);

Perform literature searches for senior scientists and prepare summaries;

Assist in preparing correspondence regarding informal inquiries about various types of medical devices.


The OPEQ Intern Program includes a welcome session with the Office Director, opportunities to participate in public meetings, brown bag lunch seminars with key Office officials, and intern get-togethers.


The intern may not have any financial interests whatsoever in any aspect of the commercial device manufacturing/distributing industry, or release, publish, or disclose non-public information, specifically any of the facts involved or obtained while serving as an intern, including confidential commercial information and trade secret matters.


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