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Patient-Focused Drug Development

The Oncology Center of Excellence PFDD program fosters collaboration between FDA Centers and external stakeholders involved in patient outcomes research in cancer populations. The program focuses on three key areas:

  • Actively engaging with patients and advocacy groups.
  • Fostering research into measurement of the patient experience.
  • Generating science-based recommendations for regulatory policy.

Cancer patients experience disease symptoms and symptomatic treatment side effects that can impact their ability to function and other aspects of their health-related quality of life. The PFDD Program is working to identify rigorous methods to assess the patient experience that will complement existing survival and tumor information to provide additional evidence about the effects of cancer therapies on patients.

photo of Paul Kluetz, M.D.

Paul G. Kluetz, M.D.
Oncology Center of Excellence

Paul Kluetz is a medical oncologist and the Acting Associate Director of Patient Outcomes in the Oncology Center of Excellence at the U.S. FDA. His interests include defining clinical benefit in oncology trials, the use of expedited programs such as accelerated approval, and opportunities and challenges associated with patient reported outcomes (PRO) data, wearable technologies, and other methods to obtain data on the patient experience both in the clinical trial and “real-world” settings. He is currently leading a team to develop regulatory science and policy initiatives to advance patient-focused drug development in cancer trials. Dr. Kluetz remains clinically active, practicing inpatient medicine as a teaching attending at the Georgetown University Hospital.

photo of Bellinda King-Kallimanis, Ph.D.

Bellinda King-Kallimanis, Ph.D.
Senior Staff Fellow
Oncology Center of Excellence

Bellinda King-Kallimanis is a Senior Staff Fellow in the Oncology Center of Excellence at the FDA. She has a PhD in psychometrics and works on patient-focused drug development initiatives that focus on using clinical outcome assessments (COAs) in cancer clinical trials. Her current projects involve looking at open label response bias, understanding responsiveness of physical function measures and investigating current COA strategies being submitted to the agency to learn how these can be improved. Bellinda has been working in the field of COAs for the past 11 years across both academia and industry. She has investigated how patients’ responses to questionnaires can shift over time using structural equation modeling and worked on qualitative projects developing new patient-reported outcome instruments.  

photo of Janice Kim

Janice Kim, Pharm.D., M.S.
Regulatory Health Project Manager
Office of Hematology and Oncology Products

Janice Kim is a Regulatory Health Project Manager in the Office of Hematology and Oncology Products – Immediate Office and is a practicing pharmacist. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. In addition, she received her Master’s degree in biochemistry at Georgetown University before completing her pharmacy degree at the Medical College of Virginia. She completed her ambulatory care residency at a free clinic. She contributes to the policy development for the patient-focused drug development program in the Oncology Center of Excellence at the FDA. She enjoys working with patients and continues to work in the free clinic setting.



  • Collaborator: Division of Research of The Permanente Medical Group PanPROE
    Pancreatic Cancer Patient Reported Outcomes Using the Electronic Medical Record
    Investigating the use of patient-reported outcome (PRO) measurement of physical function in pancreatic cancer patients who undergo treatment and follow up for their illness. 
  • Collaborator: University of North Carolina and Alliance Foundation Trials 
    Exploring Self-Reported Physical Functioning in Cancer Patients
    To further our understanding of the responsiveness of physical functioning outside of the clinical trial setting so that we can understand how sensitive a measure is across the drug life cycle (NCT03249090)

Working Groups

  • Lungevity: Patient Preference, Industry Roundtable
  • National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Moonshot Tolerability Consortium Steering Committee
  • Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) Consortium Electronic PRO Working Group
  • Setting International Standards in Analyzing Patient-Reported Outcomes and Quality of Life Endpoints Data (SISAQOL) 
  • Standard Protocol Items: Recommendations for Interventional Trials Patient-Reported Outcomes (SPIRIT-PRO)

The OCE PFDD group is working to advance several initiatives in the upcoming year. 

Image displays a large circle in the center representing the OCE Patient-Focused Drug Development Program connected with lines to three smaller circles representing Regulatory Policy, Regulatory Science, and Education and Engagement


  • Create standard analyses for physical function and symptomatic adverse events
  • Foster efficient regulatory review of clinical outcome assessment submissions to the FDA
  • Develop guidance for industry


  • Engage and participate with international scientific research in PRO measurement with international organizations
  • Identify analyses and visualizations to interpret clinical outcome data from cancer trials
  • Actively engage in scientific collaboration with clinicians, social scientists and statisticians across FDA


  • Create educational opportunities for the patient community
  • Continue efforts to make oncology clinical trial terms more patient friendly language
  • Engage with patient advocacy groups in patient-centered qualitative research
  • Foster educational opportunities for FDA oncology reviewers related to measurement of symptoms and function

Upcoming Events:

July 12, 2019: 4th Clinical Outcomes Assessment in Clinical Cancer Trials (COA-CCT) Workshop with American Society of Clinical Oncology

October 8, 2019: 3rd Partners in Progress Workshop to provide basic training on the role of the FDA and cancer patient advocates in oncology product development.

Past Events:

April 26, 2016: COA-CCT Workshop with the Critical Path Institute (Slides only)

November 13, 2017: 1st Partners in Progress

April 25, 2017: 2nd COA-CCT Workshop with the Critical Path Institute- Safety and Tolerability (Slides and Audio)

November 27, 2018: 2nd Partners in Progress

June 22, 2018: 3rd COA-CCT Workshop with American Society for Clinical Oncology (Slides and Video)


The OCE PFDD program has published multiple manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals to advance patient-focused drug development. Some selected articles are listed below:

Patient-Reported Outcomes in Anti-PD-1/PD-L1 Inhibitor Immunotherapy Registration Trials: FDA Analysis of Data Submitted and Future Directions. 
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Blinding and Patient-Reported Outcome Completion Rates in US Food and Drug Administration Cancer Trial Submissions, 2007-2017.
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Learning from Patients: Reflections on Use of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Lung Cancer Trials.
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Metastasis-free Survival - A New End Point in Prostate Cancer Trials.
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Informing the Tolerability of Cancer Treatments Using Patient-Reported Outcome Measures: Summary of an FDA and Critical Path Institute Workshop.
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Several examples of the OCE engaging with the community in the form of blogs and podcasts can be found below.

The FDA's Oncology Center of Excellence — Quantifying the Patient Experience. By Paul G. Kluetz, MD. 

Utilizing Patient-reported Outcomes in Cancer Clinical trials. By Karen Olsen, PhD.

PROs in regulatory decision making. By Paul G. Kluetz, MD.