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45 CFR Part 73 - HHS Residual Standards of Conduct

These Standards were published in a booklet entitled "Standards of Conduct" on March 30, 1989 (45 CFR Part 73). Since then the Office for Government Ethics (OGE) published the ethics regulations, 5 C.F.R. Parts 2600 to 2641, applicable to all Executive Branch employees in 1992.

The regulations became effective on February 3, 1993. Subsequently, HHS published the Supplemental Standards Of Ethical Conduct For Employees Of The Department Of Health And Human Services (HHS), 5 C.F.R Part 5501 And Supplemental Financial Disclosure Requirements For Employees Of HHS, 5 C.F.R Part 5502 which supplement the OGE ethics rules and regulations. Therefore, only the following subparts and sections of the HHS Standards of Conduct remain in effect. [Please consult with the Office of General Counsel prior to taking any action based on any of these subpart/sections. Revised by OGC Ethics Division, 5/19/2015.]


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