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Economics Staff Research & Publications

The Economics Staff conducts and publishes peer-reviewed research on topics of importance to FDA.

Economics Staff Research and Publications

Year Publication Topic
2023 Authorized Generics In The US: Prevalence, Characteristics, And Timing, 2010–19
Health Affairs
Fowler, A., Jacobo-Rubio, R., Xu, J.
drugs and biologics
2023 Examining market and weather events as signals of an increased probability of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli outbreaks linked to romaine lettuce
Food Control
Brown, C., Bazaco, M., Nolte, K., Viazis, S., Blessington, T., Biemiller, N., Minor, T.
2022 Characteristics Of Medical Device Shortages In The US, 2006–20
Health Affairs
Beleche, T., Kuecken, M., Sassi, A., Toran, K., Galloway, E., Henry, T.
medical devices
2022 Prospective Evaluation of Health Communication Effects on Market Outcomes
Journal of Cost Benefit Analysis
R. Summers, D. Wood, N. Lew, S. Karns, M. Muth, C. Nardinelli, J.G. Peckham, and C. Wolff
cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, and economic burdens
2021 Chance elections, social distancing restrictions, and KENTUCKY’s early COVID-19 experience
Courtemanche, C., Garuccio, J., Le, A., Pinkston, J., Yelowitz, A.
global health
2021 Willingness to pay to standardize patient medication information
Applied Economics
Dealy, C.D., Kearsley, A., Wolff, C., Botkins, E., Lew, N. & Nardinelli, C.
drugs and biologics
2021 Physician Understanding and Willingness to Prescribe Biosimilars: Findings from a US National Survey
Kolbe, A.R., Kearsley, A., Merchant, L., Temkin, E., Patel, A., Xu, J. and Jessup, A.
drugs and biologics
2021 Disease and Human Capital Accumulation: Evidence from the Roll Back Malaria Partnership in Africa
The Economic Journal
Kuecken, M., Thuilliez, J., & Valfort, M. A.
global health
2021 Students choosing fat-free chocolate milk during school lunch consume more calories, total sugar, protein, minerals and vitamins at lunch
Public Health Nutrition
Peckham, J., Kropp, J., Mroz, T., Haley-Zitlin, V., & Granberg, E.
consumer choices and health
2021 Disease and Human Capital Accumulation: Evidence from the Roll Back Malaria Partnership in Africa
The Economic Journal
Kuecken, M., Thuilliez, J., & Valfort, M. A.
global health
2020 Strong Social Distancing Measures In The United States Reduced The COVID-19 Growth Rate: Study evaluates the impact of social distancing measures on the growth rate of confirmed COVID-19 cases across the United States
Health Affairs
Courtemanche, C.J.; Garuccio, J.; Le, A.; Pinkston, J.C.; & Yelowitz, A.
policy and program evaluation
2020 An Analysis of Antibacterial Drug Development Trends in the US, 1980 - 2019
Clinical Infectious Diseases
Dheman, N., Mahoney, N., Cox, E. M., Farley, J. J., Amini, T., & Lanthier, M. L.
drugs and biologics
2020 The Distribution of Surplus in the US Pharmaceutical Industry: Evidence from Paragraph iv Patent-Litigation Decisions
Journal of Law and Economics
Jacobo-Rubio, R., Turner, J. L., & Williams, J. W.
markets, competition, and prices
2020 The Cost and Public Health System Effects of Active Monitoring and Illness Response for Ebola Virus Disease: A Case Evaluation of Georgia
Health Security
Phillips, V., Njau, J. D., Edison, L., & Brown, C.
cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, and economic burdens

Chronic gastrointestinal and joint-related sequelae associated with common foodborne illnesses: A scoping review
Foodborne Pathogens and Disease
Pogreba-Brown, K., Austhof, E., Armstrong, A., Schaefer, K., Villa Zapata, L., McClelland, D.J., Batz, M.B., Kuecken, M., Riddle, M., Porter, C.K. & Bazaco, M.C.

food safety and nutrition
2020 The impact of recent power morcellator risk information on inpatient surgery and patient outcomes
Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research
Schuttringer, E., & Beleche, T.
cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, and economic burdens
2020 The impact of abuse-deterrent reformulation of extended-release Oxycontin on prescription pain reliever misuse and heroin initiation
Addictive Behaviors
Wolff, C., Dowd, W., Ali, M., McClellan, C., Meinhofer, A., Glos, L., Mutter, R., Rosenberg, M., & Schick, A.
drugs and biologics

Why are pharmacy acquisition costs and consumer prescription drug price indices apparently diverging?
Health Economics
Wolff, C., & Lutter, R.

markets, competition, and prices
2019 An Analysis of Follow-On Development in New Drug Classes
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Lanthier, M. L., Kerr, K. W., & Miller, K. L.
markets, competition, and prices
2019 Assessment of economic burden of concurrent measles and rubella outbreaks, Romania, 2011–2012
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Njau, J., Janta, D., Stanescu, A., Pallas, S. S., Pistol, A., Khetsuriani, N., Reef, S., Ciurea, D., Butu, C., Wallace, A. S., & Zimmerman, L.
cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, and economic burdens

Selection and consumption of lunches by National School Lunch Program participants
Peckham, J. G., Kropp, J. D., Mroz, T. A., Haley-Zitlin, V., & Granberg, E. M.

consumer choices and health
2019 Cost-effectiveness of birth-dose hepatitis B vaccination among refugee populations in the African region: a series of case studies
Conflict and Health
Reardon, J. M., O’Connor, S. M., Njau, J. D., Lam, E. K., Staton, C. A., & Cookson, S. T.
cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, and economic burdens
2019 Fukushima: U.S. Response and the Short-Term Impact on U.S.-Japan Trade in Seafood
Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis
Vardon, P., Sassi, A., Zheng, Y., & Birur, D.
international markets and U.S. trade
2019 Health Insurance Reform and Retirement: Evidence of the Affordable Care Act
Health Economics
Wood, K.
policy and program evaluation
2018 Advancing retail food policy debates: Estimating the risk of contaminated servings of food attributed to employee food handling practices in retail food establishments
Journal of Food Protection
Marasteanu, I. J., Liggans, G., Otto, J., Lasher, A.
food safety and nutrition
2018 Understanding participation in farm to school programs: Results integrating school and supply-side factors
Food Policy
Botkins, E. R., & Roe, B. E.
policy and program evaluation
2018 On the Distributional and Evolutionary Nature of the Obesity Wage Penalty
Economics & Human Biology
Brown, Christian, and Routon, P. Wesley
markets, competition, and prices
2018 New Opioid Analgesic Approvals and Outpatient Utilization of Opioid Analgesics in the United States, 1997 through 2015
Chai, G., Xu, J., Osterhout, J., Liberatore, M.A., Miller, K.L., Wolff, C., Cruz, M., Lurie, P., & Dal Pan, G.
drugs and biologics
2018 A Retrospective and Commentary on FDA’s Bar Code Rule
Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis
Kearsley, A., Lew, N., & Nardinelli, C.
restrospective analysis
2018 Is the Priority Review Voucher Program Stimulating New Drug Development for Neglected Tropical Diseases?
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Kerr, K.W., Henry, T.C., & Miller, K.L.
policy and program evaluation
2018 Economic impact of organic agriculture hotspots in the United States
Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems
Marasteanu, I. J., & Jaenicke, E. C.
food safety and nutrition
2018 Investigating the landscape of US orphan product approvals
Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases
Miller, K. L., & Lanthier, M.
drugs and biologics
2018 The Association Between Restaurant Menu Label Use and Caloric Intake
Economic Research Reports
Restrepo, B., Minor, T., & Peckham, J.
food safety and nutrition
2017 Household costs among patients hospitalized with malaria: evidence from a national survey in Malawi, 2012
Malaria Journal
Bauleni, A., Shah, M. P., Chalira, A., Moyo, D., Dodoli, W., Luhanga, M., Sande, J., Ali, D., Gutman, J., Lindblade, K. A., Njau, J., Mathanga, D. P.
global health
2017 Socioeconomic and demographic determinants of the nutritional content of National School Lunch Program Entrée Selections
American Journal of Agricultural Economics
Peckham, J. G., Kropp, J. D., Mroz, T. A., Haley-Zitlin, V., Granberg, E. M., & Hawthorne, N.
food safety and nutrition
2017 Cost evaluation of a government-conducted Oral Cholera vaccination campaign—Haiti, 2013
The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Routh, J. A., Sreenivasan, N., Adhikari, B. B., Andrecy, L. L, Bernateau, M., Abimbola, T., Njau, J. D., Jackson, E., Juin, S., Francois, J., Tohme, R. A., Meltzer, M. I., Katz, M. A., & Mintz, E. D.
policy and program evaluation
2017 Evaluation of Pre-marketing Factors to Predict Post-marketing Boxed Warnings and Safety Withdrawals
Drug Safety
Schick, A., Miller, K. L., Lanthier, M., Dal Pan, G., & Nardinelli, C.
drugs and biologics
2017 The Role of a Production Capacity Limit in International Trade Policy Analysis
Journal of International Agricultural Trade and Development
Zheng, Y., Sassi, A., Muth, M., Birur, D., Karns, S., Brophy, J., & Bradley, S.
international markets and U.S. trade
2011 Human Health Risk Assessment
Patty's Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology, 7th ed
Laszcz-Davis, C., Boelter, F. W., Hearl, F., Jayjock, M., Logan, P., McLaughlin, C., O'Reilly, M., Radcliffe, Jr., R. T., & Stenzel, M.
cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, and economic burdens
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